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Unlock Apple Watch with iPhone not working

Unlock Apple Watch With iPhone Not Working In iOS 14.7?

Is Unlock Apple Watch with iPhone not working since you updated your iPhone to iOS 14.7? You’re not the only one. This new iOS 14 bug that has managed to pass under the radar during the iOS 14.7 beta testing stages and affects mainly iPhones with Touch ID….

iOS 15 Low Storage Updates

How To Update iPhone, Apple Watch With Low Storage (iOS 15)

Apple has announced during the WWDC21 keynote that users will be able to update to iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and watchOS 8 even when the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch are low on storage. A new feature will allow your device to unlock additional temporary iCloud storage to offload apps and data in order to…

Apple Watch white line on screen

How To Fix Apple Watch Vertical White Line On Screen?

Is your brand new Apple Watch displaying a vertical white line on screen that’s noticeable only in certain situations? Don’t panic, you’re not the only one experiencing this issue. First, of all be happy because you most likely have a 20/20 perfect vision!…

watchOS 8 Public Beta update

How To Install watchOS 8 Public Beta On Apple Watch

The watchOS 8 Public Beta is available for download. This means that everyone with a compatible Apple Watch can download and install the 8th watchOS generation with the help of the paired iPhone. However, before you proceed be aware that there is no way to revert to watchOS 7 if you’re not satisfied with the…

watch0S 8 compatible devices

watchOS 8 Compatible Devices And Other Requirements

Is my Apple Watch watchOS 8 compatible? I have some great news, if your wrist-worn gadget is able to run watchOS 7, it’s also supported by the 8th watchOS generation! Similar to iOS 15 and iPhones, watchOS 8 is compatible with all Apple Watch models that are running its previous version….