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Tag: Alerts

amber alert notification on iphone

How To Disable AMBER Alerts On iPhone

Has your iPhone ever flashed you with a missing person warning prompt, accompanied by a loud alert? U.S. citizens often receive these kind of messages, if their iOS device is configured to broadcast various government alerts! They are also called AMBER alerts. AMBER stands for America’s Missing: Broadcasting Emergency Response and it’s the government’s way…

iphone receiving duplicate text message

How To Stop Receiving Duplicate Message Notifications On iPhone

An unpleasant glitch that notifies you twice about the arrival of the same text Message might occur on your Apple smartphone. In fact, in some cases this can’t be considered a flaw, because iOS comes with a setting that allows your iPhone to alert you twice about a SMS or iMessage. Why? Because some people…

Apple Watch disconnected from iPhone status.

Apple Watch Alert While Exiting The Paired iPhone Range

One very helpful feature that we would love to see on Apple’s smartwatch, is the ability to issue an audio and/or haptic notification, whenever the wearable exits the paired iPhone range. This would be particularly useful for those owners that forget their iOS device in a foreign location, risking to permanently lose their smartphone. An…

hurricane matthew weather radar on iphone

7 iOS Apps That Help You Track, Evacuate And Inform During Hurricane Matthew

I had a plan of covering a whole different iPhone related subject today, but the fact that Hurricane Matthew has been upgraded to Category 4 forces me to urgently inform you about how you can use your iOS device to stay informed and protect yourself against one of the greatest storms that threatens to hit…