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how to watch YouTube videos picture in picture

How To Watch YouTube Videos Picture in Picture On iPhone In iOS 14

There has been a lot hype regarding the YouTube PiP feature over the last few weeks! iOS 14 has introduced native picture-in-picture functionality for iPhone. However, YouTube reacted immediately and restricted iOS and iPadOS users, from being able to multitask while watching videos in the app….

iPhone is Privacy Apple ad

iOS 14 Is Privacy-Focused And Apple Anticipates This In Its Latest iPhone Ad

We’re inching closer to the launch of iOS 14, one of the most privacy-focused iOS generation ever to be released. Apple plans to emphasize this and started to prepare the terrain. The Cupertino-tech giant release a funny iPhone ad today that mocks competitors for jeopardizing the privacy information of their users and highlights that iPhone…

playing YouTube music in the background on iPhone

How To Play YouTube Videos In The Background On iPhone In 2020

One of the most annoying feature that is missing from the iPhone is the option to play YouTube videos in the background. If you run the YouTube app for iOS or iPadOS you can only listen to music if your iPhone is unlocked and the YouTube is used in the foreground. This is not accidental…

WWDC 2020 live stream

Free WWDC 2020 Keynote Live Stream (Update: On Demand Replay)

WWDC 2020 promises to be the biggest Apple Developer event ever. The main reason is that it’s hosted online only (COVID-19 pandemic), thus everyone is invited. When we say everyone, we literally mean everyone. In the past, online access to the keynote was available only for users owning Apple products like iPhone, iPad, Mac or…

How to use Youtube Chapters on iPhone

How To Use YouTube Chapters To Quickly Find Specific Content In Videos

Watching specific content on YouTube has just become more easy! The Google owned video-sharing platform has been updated with a new feature called “Chapters”. It allows content creators to add timestamps directly into the video progress bar. This means that with YouTube Chapters enabled, you can scrub the video bar for specific content. A topic…