How To Lock Chat In WhatsApp On iPhone & Desktop

lock chat in whatsapp

Lock chat in WhatsApp

Yes, you can lock a chat in WhatsApp behind your device’s favorite authentication method! Meta has introduced Chat Lock a new WhatsApp feature that password protects sensible conversations!

How To Lock Chat In WhatsApp

This option is straightforward an easy to use:
how to lock a chat in whatsapp

  • 1. Open WhatsApp and browse to a conversation that you want to lock behind Face ID, Touch ID or Passcode.
  • 2. Tap the top of the conversation for the name of your chat partner is.
  • 3. Scroll and tap on Chat Lock.
  • 4. Turn On the Lock This Chat with Face ID option.
  • Fact: Note that the chat won’t be locked on your linked devices. You have to turn On Chat Lock for each device in question!

      How To Lock Chat In WhatsApp Desktop

      • On your Mac, open in Safari or any other third-party browser.
      • Click on the chat that you want to lock.
      • Click on the contact name (or Group Name) at the top.
      • Go for Chat Lock and enable the feature!

      Update: Apparently, Chat Lock for WhatsApp web hasn’t been rolled out yet. Please share in the comments section if you’re seeing the option or not!

      How To Open Locked Chats In WhatsApp

      Password protected conversations are stored in a separate Locked Chats folder:
      locked chats in whatsapp iphone

      • Swipe-down from the top of the Chats screen.
      • Tap on Locked Chats.
      • Authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID or your iPhone’s Passcode!
      • Tap on the chat that you want to engage!
        • Turn Off Chat Lock In WhatsApp

          You can easily stop password protecting a conversation in WhatsApp by following the same steps that you used for enabling it:

          • Open the chat in question -> tap the [contact name] (or Group Name) to bring up the conversation settings -> go for Chat Lock and turn off the Lock This Chat with Face ID option!

          WhatsApp Chat Lock FAQ

          • 1. Can you lock Group Chats or Muted Chats?

            A: Yes, any conversation can be locked behind Face ID!

          • 2. What about archived chats?

            A: Archived conversations can be locked to, however you have to unarchive them first

          • 3. Is the chat partner informed if I lock the chat?

            A: No, the person at the other end of the line won’t know that you locked the conversation with a passcode on your device!

          • 4. Why do I get ‘WhatsApp: 1 new message’ instead of the actual notification?

            A: Locked conversation are hidding the content of the notification as well as the contact name, for extra privacy!

          • 5. Chat Lock hides calls too?

            A: No, WhatsApp calls from a locked contact will show up normally!

          • 6. Are chats on linked devices locked too?

            A: No, a chat is only locked on your phone. It will show up normally on any linked device, like a desktop computer!
            locked chat in whatsapp on iphone

          • 7. Restoring from backup keeps the chats locked?

            A: Yes, if you restore data to a new iPhone the chats will be imported as locked and you have to set up Face ID or any other authentication method to be able to access them!

          • 8. Does Chat Lock prevent media from automatically saving in Photos or Gallery (Android)?

            A: Yes, your iPhone or Android device won’t be able to auto save media from a locked WhatsApp chat. You have to do it manually or disable Chat Lock for that specific conversation!

          • Do you have any other questions? Ask them in the comments. More details also available on

          What’s your take on the new WhatsApp Chat Lock feature? Do you plan to use it? Share your feedback in the comments!

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