How To Share Email To WhatsApp On iPhone In iOS 16

share email to whatsapp on iphone

Share email to WhatsApp on iPhone

Are you looking for ways to share email to WhatsApp on iPhone? iOS 16 doesn’t make this action too straightforward but it’s doable. Depending on the length and contents of the message you have a few options to choose from!

How To Share Email To WhatsApp On iPhone

Choose the situation that suits you best:

1. Share Email As PDF

If you’re dealing with a long message perhaps the best option is to convert the email contents to a PDF file and share it to a WhatsApp group or contact:
how to share email to whatsapp on iphone

  • 1. Open the email message and tap the menu icon. (in Gmail, its represented by the three-dots placed horizontally next to the Forward icon)
  • 2. Go for Print. This will create a print preview and convert the contents of the email into a PDF file.
  • 3. Use the Share icon available at the top of the screen.
  • 4. Select WhatsApp from the suggestions and send it to a group or contact.

2. Copy Paste Email Contents

Another way to share an email to WhatsApp is by manually selecting, copying and pasting the entire content from one app to the other:
share gmail to whatsapp on iphone

  • 1. In the email message that you want to share, touch & hold the text until a part of it gets selected. Drag the selection tool and scroll to highlight the entire content.
  • 2. Go for Copy.
  • 3. Open WhatsApp and browse to the conversation that you want to share the email to.
  • 4. Touch & hold in the text input field.
  • 5. Tap Paste and send the message!
  • Fact: The shortcoming of this option is that images from the email message aren’t copied. You also risk to flood the WhatsApp chat with a long message.

3. Screenshot Email

You can also share an email by screen capturing it:
share mail to whatsapp as screenshot

  • 1. With the email message displayed on the screen use your iPhone’s screenshot combo: Side Button + Volume Down in most cases.
  • 2. If you’re using the stock Mail app, you can tap the screenshot thumbnail and use the Full Screen option. This will create an image of the entire email message.
    Fact: If you use Gmail or any other third-party iOS client the Full Screen option won’t we able for screenshots. If emails are long you will have to scroll and screenshot step-by-step.
  • 3. Open WhatsApp and browse to the chat that you want to share the email with.
  • 4. Tap the ‘+’ icon, go for Photo & Library, select and send the screenshots that you’ve previously captured!
    Tip: You can edit / crop the print-screens before, to avoid sending any sensible or unnecessary info.

Have you managed to share email to WhatsApp? What’s your favorite option? Do you have a better solution? Share your feedback in the comments!

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