iOS 16.5 Issues, Problems, Bugs Fixed & Security Updates

iOS 16.5 update

iOS 16.5 update

Apple has released iOS 16.5 build number 20F66 for iPhone 8 and later! The update brings a few enhancements, bug fixes and a lot of security improvements! Ongoing issues and new problems are also tracked here!

iOS 16.5 Issues

Before updating, take a look at problems reported by users and check out the available workarounds:

  • 1. Lagging notifications bug hasn’t been fixed as reported in the RC review.
  • 2. Apple Weather forecast not accurate for many users. A problem that doesn’t seem to be iOS 16.5 related. We’ve covered it here.
  • 3. Spotlight search lags even more after update for scorpiori.
  • 4. To be updated. (Contribute in the comments!)

iOS 16.5 Features

Enough with the negatives! Let’s take a look at the enhancements:
iOS 16.5 features

  • 1. A new Pride wallpaper for Lock Screen to honor the LGBTQ+ community and culture.
    iOS 16.5 pride wallpaper
  • 2. A new Sports tab in Apple News provides easier access to scores, standings, and more, for the teams and leagues you follow.
  • 3. My Sports score and schedule cards in Apple News bring you directly to game pages with additional details for specific games.
  • Other changes noticed by users are tracked here:

  • 4. To be updated! (Contribute in the comments.)

iOS 16.5 Security Updates

If the new features haven’t convinced you to update the security fixes will. The iOS 16.5 security document highlights a significant number of issues addressed covering:
iOS 16.5 security fixes

  • Accessibility, AppleMobileFileIntegrity, Associated Domains, Cellular, Core Location, Core Services, GeoServices, ImageIO, IOSurfaceAccelerator, Kernel, LaunchServices, Metal, Model I/O, Photos, NetworkExtension, PDFKit, Sandbox, Security, Shortcuts, Siri, SQLite, StorageKit, System Settings, Telephony, TV App, Weather, WebKit, Wi-FI.

Fact: Some of these fixes have been already included in the in the iOS 16.4.1a Security Response released earlier this month!

iOS 16.5 Bugs Fixed

On top of all this, Apple also confirms three issues that have been addressed:

  • 1. Spotlight search not working problem has been solved.
  • 2. Podcasts in CarPlay not loading content has been also fixed.
  • 3. Screen Time settings not syncing or resetting across your devices.
  • Other issues reported as fixed by users are tracked here:

  • 4. Apple Music lagging when shuffling songs has been fixed. Confirmed by RohitKolekar10.
  • 5. Screen Time sync issue has been fixed. Confirmed by radarpi.
  • 6. To be updated. (Contribute in the comments!)

iOS 16.5 Update

iOS 16.5 download
Now you can decide if it’s worth updating or not. If the answer is affirmative go for:
Settings -> General -> Software Update and tap Download and Install!

Be patient until the new version is requested, downloaded, prepared, verified and installed on your device!

Have you updated iPhone to iOS 16.5? What’s your feedback? Any changes or issues that haven’t been covered here? Share your feedback in the comments!

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