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Mail Privacy Protection for iPhone

How To Enable Mail Privacy Protection To Stop Tracking (iOS 15)

In iOS 15 you can enable Mail Privacy Protection! It’s a new feature that aims to prevent email tracking. When turned ON, it hides your IP address blocking senders from determining your location and tracking your online activity. It also hides info that can show trackers if and when you’ve opened an email….

AirTag Lost Mode notification

How To Enable AirTag Lost Mode And Mark Your Tracker As Lost

If you’re not able to track your AirTag anymore you can enable Lost Mode and hope that someone will find and return it to you. The AirTag Lost Mode allows you to provide a phone number or an email address. This way the finder will be able to contact you. A notification can be also…

notification summary on iPhone in iOS 15

How To Get Notification Summary On iPhone In iOS 15

In iOS 15 you can get Notification Summary on iPhone. This allows your iOS device to bundle non-urgent notifications and display them in a summary, on Lock Screen at scheduled times. You can set up one or more daily Notification Summaries, without missing the important stuff. Calls, direct messages and Time Sensitive notifications will go…

drag and drop files on iPhone

How To Drag And Drop Files On iPhone In iOS 15

Starting with iOS 15 you can drag and drop files across apps on iPhone! All that you have to do is long-press on an image, text or any other file. navigate to the desired app, while still holding your finger glued to the screen. Release the hold when the image thumbnail hovers over the desired…

how to fix AirDrop stuck on Waiting

How To Fix AirDrop Stuck On Waiting (Not Working) On Mac

Are you trying to AirDrop files from iPhone to Mac but the process is stuck on Waiting… since forever? You’re not the only one. This is a common Bluetooth glitch that has been reported in macOS Big Sur and previous versions. Fortunately, it’s a minor issue that can be easily fixed, in most cases, by…