How To Use Digital Touch On Apple Watch

apple watch animated drawing

Apple Watch animated drawing.

One of the many cool features which are available with Apple’s revolutionary wrist-held device is called Digital Touch. The Cupertino-based company introduces a new, fun and intimate way of interacting with your friends. This wrist-to-wrist communication can be performed in three different ways: via animated drawings, through taps and/or heartbeat sharing!

To use Apple Watch and connect with your closest contacts, you can press the device’s side-button. Once activated, no matter on what screen you’re on, the preferred contacts screen is opened. Your favorite buddies are listed in a circular pattern.

Friends are added or removed with the help of the Apple Watch app available on your iPhone running iOS 8.2 or newer.

apple watch select favorite contacts screenHow To Select A Friend
Contacts labeled as buddies are picked by rotating your Watch’s digital crown, until the aimed pal is highlighted.
At the bottom of the contact’s screen, you find the communication options: engage in a call or send a message.
If your friend also owns an Apple Watch, the Digital Touch icon is displayed in-between calling and texting buttons.
The Digital Touch icon is represented by a right hand pointing with the index finger.

apple watch digital touch icon Tap it to select and initiate Apple Watch’s more personal and intimate way of communication!

3 Cool Digital Touch Features
This revolutionary way of communication allows you to send:
1. Animated Sketches – Use your finger to draw a sketch on your Watch’s screen and send it to the selected contact. Your friend will receive the animated drawing, in real time, exactly how you created it on your gadget’s screen.
two fingers on apple watch screen to share heartbeat2. Taps as Thoughts – Tap your Apple Watch’s screen, whenever in Digital Touch mode, and send vibration patterns from wrist-to-wrist, to signal your contact that you’re thinking at him/her at that particular point in time!

3. Heartbeat Sharing – Rest two fingers on your screen and this triggers heartbeat sharing.
The special built-in sensors, available on the back of your Apple Watch case, record and send your heart’s pulsations towards the selected contact.

apple watch animated sketches
sending taps via digital touch
apple watch heartbeat sharing