iPhone Contacts Creation Date Listing

iphone contacts creation date listing

iPhone Contacts creation date listing.

If you’re the kind of iPhone user with hundreds of saved contacts, you might have a difficult time organizing your phone book. The more entries you add, the higher chance of similar names and thus the increased risks of confusion.

If you work in the sales industry, run an important business or simply don’t want to accidentally call a new contact, while attempting to dial an old buddy, you might wanna add another filter to your iOS Contacts app!

Memory can be suddenly refreshed and confusions avoided, if you list your contacts by Creation Date, instead of doing it the regular way. When searching for a contact using the alphabetical listing, you can end up with a list of similar, if not identical, entries. If no other additional info like photo, secondary phone number or email is attached to the contact, you won’t be able to make the difference.

How To List Contacts by Creation Date
ios contact creation date listA third party app called iContacts+ (Free) allows you to search your iPhone contacts by the date they where created. Simply, download & install the app fom the App Store. Open the application and your Contacts are listed, similarly to the iOS built-in view. The only addition is that you can see the phone number below the name of the contact, for each entry. Next, tap on Name in the top right corner of the screen, to switch for the contacts Creation Date listing. Use the arrow to set ascending or descending display setting!

similar contacts listed by creation date Notice, in the nearby image, how helpful the creation date listing is. Although both entries have similar names and you don’t have any other fields that can help you to eliminate the confusion, you can clearly see that one of them was added more than one year ago and chose accordingly!
Tip: If you need an iOS app that organizes contacts by creation date and comes with additional features, like week, month or year views you can spend 1 buck and opt for Drunken Contacts ($0.99)! This way you’ll be sure that you can’t miss out on calling the cute lady that you met the other night at the party, because the hangover doesn’t allow you to remember her name!

5 Tips To Avoid Confusion Between Similar Contacts
Viewing your contact entries order by creation date helps a lot, but you can make your life even more easier, if you spend a few extra seconds whenever you save a new contact. Here is what you have to do:
1. Eliminate Duplicate Contacts – In case you switch from Android to iOS, or upgrade to the latest iPhone, you risk of loading duplicate entries to Contacts. Get rid of them by merging or deleting identical entries!
2. Add Photo – If you have the means try to assign a photo to each contact. If you don’t have a profile picture, try to add anything related, that will help you identify your contact easier.
3. Complete Fields – When you save a contact try to complete as many fields as possible, including Company, Email, Related Name or everything else that will help you to identify the contact later on.
4. Add Nickname – Did you know that you can assign your friend’s nickname to its contact entry? Open the contacts page, tap Edit in the top right corner, scroll down to add field and select Nickname!
5. Save a Note – The same contact adding menu allows you to save a note. Type something like: ‘John is the plummer that successfully fixed a pipe back in 2013’, This way you’ll be sure that you won’t confuse the entry anymore.