iOS 17 Wallpaper Download Light And Dark Mode (4K)

iOS 17 wallpaper download

iOS 17 wallpaper download

Apple has rolled out the first beta of iOS 17 along with its new wallpaper! As usual, the new OS comes with an exclusive background. The iOS 17 wallpaper is available in both Light and Dark mode!

iOS 17 Wallpaper Download

Differently from iOS 16, the new background comes in both Light and Dark modes that auto-change based on the systemwide settings of your iPhone.

iOS 17 wallpaper 4K Light

Tap the thumbnail to open and download the high resolution version. File is .png format:
iOS 17 wallpaper light

iOS17 wallpaper 4K Dark

ios 17 wallpaper dark

Credits: Thanks iSoftwareUpdates for sharing.

Fact: If you use this wallpaper on any other iOS version or Android, the auto switch between Light and Dark won’t work.

Tip: If your iPhone runs an iOS 16 version, you can add two new Lock Screens one with the Light mode wallpaper and the other with the Dark one and manually switch between them.

More: You can experience the new wallpaper live on your own iPhone by installing the iOS 17 beta.

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