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watchOS 8.7.1

watchOS 8.7.1 Not Available On Apple Watch? (Here Is Why!)

watchOS 8.7.1 not available for your Apple Watch? Update not showing up in the Software Update section. All that you get is watchOS 8.7 and the confirmation that Apple Watch is up to date with the latest bug fixes and security enhancements?…

iOS 16 Beta 6

iOS 16 Beta 6 Issues, Features, Bug Fixes [Live Support]

Apple has released iOS 16 Beta 6 build number 20A5349b. This release comes exactly one week after iOS 16 Developer Beta 5 and brings bug fixes and features as it continues to fine tune the new OS for the public release. Check out an extended review which also includes new and known issues….

iOS 16 DB 3 to iOS 16 Public Beta

How To Install iOS 16 Public Beta From Developer Beta 3

Trying to install iOS 16 Public Beta on an iPhone that’s running iOS 16 Developer Beta 3? Don’t worry! Apple has made it simple, because it released a revised Developer Beta 3 version with a new build number, together with the Public Beta….

watchOS 9 Public Beta

watchOS 9 Public Beta Download, New Features, Bugs & More

Apple has rolled out watchOS 9 Public Beta build number 20R5316f. This test version is available to all compatible Apple Watch models, as soon as the watchOS 9 Beta Profile is installed….

iOS 16 Public Beta

iOS 16 Public Beta Download, New Features, Bugs & More

Apple has released the much awaited iOS 16 Public Beta build number 20A5312j! This means that anyone owning an iPhone 8 or newer can download and install an iOS 16 test version and check out all the new features unveiled at WWDC 2022 and expected for this fall….