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How to update to iPadOS 15

How To Update To iPadOS 15 Beta For The First Time

If you haven’t tried iPadOS 15 yet and want to grab it until the public release, scheduled for this fall, you can update to iPadOS 15 Beta right now! This requires you to enroll your iPad to the Apple Beta Software Program, download the iPadOS 15 configuration profile and ultimately install the iPadOS 15 Public…

App Store download failing

How To Fix App Store Downloads Not Working In iOS 15

Are App Store downloads not working in iOS 15? Tapping the GET button attempts to start the app download, but the progress interface is quickly replaced by the cloud icon with an arrow pointing downwards? This confirms that download has failed….

watchOS 8 Public Beta update

How To Install watchOS 8 Public Beta On Apple Watch

The watchOS 8 Public Beta is available for download. This means that everyone with a compatible Apple Watch can download and install the 8th watchOS generation with the help of the paired iPhone. However, before you proceed be aware that there is no way to revert to watchOS 7 if you’re not satisfied with the…

macOS Monterey Public Beta Download

How To Update To macOS Monterey Public Beta

The macOS Monterey Public Beta is now available for all compatible Macs! All that you have to do is enroll your MacBook to the Apple Beta Software Program and install macOS 12 Public Beta over-the-air, in System Preferences. Of course, that you should backup your computer before you start the update process!…

iOS 15 Public Beta Update

How To Update iPhone To iOS 15 Public Beta

Last updated on July 2nd, 2021 at 07:25 amApple hasn’t wasted any time and released the iOS 15 Public Beta one day shy of July! If you own a compatible iPhone you can update to iOS 15 Public Beta straightaway as long as enroll your iOS device in the Apple Beta Software Program. The iOS…