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unity wallpaper ios 16

Unity Wallpaper iOS 16: How To Set Up On Home & Lock Screen

Are you looking to find out how to set the Unity Wallpaper on your iPhone’s Home and Lock Screen? After you update to iOS 16.3, you’ll get two new stock background option in the new Unity section….

accidental lock screen edits

Accidental Lock Screen Edit Menu Triggers In iOS 16? Fix?

Are you accidentally opening Lock Screen edit mode after iOS 16 update? Customize wallpaper menu is triggered too easy when touching the screen? Here is what you can do to fix it!…

green dot on wallpaper ios 16

How To Remove Green Dot From Earth Wallpaper In iOS 16!

Are you looking for a way to remove green dot from Earth wallpaper without losing the focus on your location? You like the new Astronomy Lock Screen on iPhone but want to get rid off the green dot that shows your current position on the globe?…

dynamic wallpaper not working macos ventura

macOS Ventura Dynamic Wallpaper Not Working In Light Mode?

Is the macOS Ventura Dynamic Wallpaper not working in Light mode? Dark mode background is stuck and displays instead of the Light mode version? Desktop picture doesn’t change throughout the day? It’s stuck in Dark or Light mode? You’re not alone!…

black wallpaper issue iOS 16

Wallpaper Turns Black On iPhone In iOS 16? (Fixed?)

Wallpaper turns black on iPhone after iOS 16 update? Both Lock Screen and Home Screen backgrounds unexpectedly go black even after the iOS 16.1 release? Apps continue to show up normally but the predefined wallpaper is missing?…