iOS Safari Web Address Typing Tip

safari tld typing shortcut

iOS Safari TLD typing shortcut.

Here is a great tip that will speed-up your iOS typing whenever you input a new web address in your Safari web browser! As soon as you’ve typed the domain name you can add the suffix via a simple and efficient shortcut, that will spare you from typing the dot and the tld (top level domain) ending.

Domain Suffix Shortcut
The trick is performed like this:
-> Open Safari and tap the address bar;
-> Start typing the site name;
-> When you reach the domain ending simply tap and hold the full stop icon. The most common domain ending suffixes will pop-up and you can slide your finger and pick the appropriate one;
-> Release the hold to select the desired ending!

Safari will automatically display the most common endings. The first one being the ending of your location. For example if you’re browsing from the UK, the first available domain suffix will be, or .ca if you’re in Canada, or .de if you’re in Germany (as it’s the case with the tutorial embedded below). The other endings are the most popular top level domains.

Video Tutorial
Here is the Safari web address typing trick presented with the help of a video tutorial recorded on an iPhone 5S, running iOS 7.1.