iPhone X Receives 4 New Animojis In iOS 11.3

4 new animojis in ios 11.3

The 4 new Animojis from iOS 11.3.

Animoji enthusiasts have one more reason to celebrate, as the upcoming iOS 11.3 software update is scheduled to add four more animated emojis to the dozen that are already available since the initial release. This means that from now on you can record funny Animoji karaokes with the help of a friendly lion, a happy bear, a cheeky Chinese dragon head, and a talking skull!

All that you have to do is own an iPhone X model and update to iOS 11.3 as soon as it becomes available. We have been able to take a sneak peek at the 4 new Animojis while beta testing the third major software update of iOS 11. Check out the print-screen uploaded nearby and see how the four new animated faces look like. Which is your favourite?

Animojis are found in the iMessage app scrubber available at the bottom of each text message thread. All that you have to do is tap on the “monkey-face” icon, select the character that you want to be impersonated by and start talking. Be as expressive as possible to obtain the funniest of clips. Send them to your iOS contacts and wait for the feedback!

Fact: Along the 4 new animated emojis, iOS 11.3 also brings a new Battery Health feature that informs you about the real-time capacity of your battery and also allows you to disable the controversial performance management option!

Tip: If you haven’t upgraded to the iPhone X yet, you can still get the feature on any iPhone and iPad that’s running iOS 11 with the help of this trick.