Live Activities: New Lock Screen Glances In iOS 16

live activity notification ios 16

Live Activity notification iOS 16

Live Activities for Lock Screen is another highly expected iOS 16 feature that will allow you to track live scores, delivery orders and more just by glancing at your iPhone or iPad!

Apple has released the ActivityKit beta together with the iOS 16 Beta 4 that has been released a couple of hours ago. This will allow developers to create and test Live Activity widgets for their apps.

What Are Live Activities in iOS 16?

Live Activities could become a highly popular new feature this fall when iOS 16 will be released to the general public. This new functionality allows developers to display a notification widget on the new Lock Screen that updates in real-time.

How To Use Live Activities On Lock Screen?

Live Activities can be used to offer glanceable info about the live score of a sports event, or about the progress of your ordered Uber ride, as previewed during the WWDC 2022 keynote.

Live Activities Not Available in iOS 16?

Apparently Apple won’t premiere Live Activities in the initial iOS 16 release. This feature will be rolled out in a subsequent update, to allow both in-house as well as third-party developers to fine tune it.

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