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personal voice not working ios 17

Personal Voice Not Working, Not Generating? Stuck At 0%?

Personal Voice not working on iPhone after iOS 17 update? You’re unable to configure this new Accessibility feature? Getting a blank screen? Voice not generating and is stuck in the ‘Setting up your session’ state? You’re not the only one!…

personal voice not showing up in settings ios 17

Personal Voice Not Showing Up In Settings In iOS 17? (Fix?)

Personal Voice not available in Settings on iPhone, iPad or Mac after updating to iOS 17, iPadOS 17 or macOS Sonoma? Looking to create Personal Voice but this new feature is not showing in Accessibility? You might be facing hardware limitations….

iphone may be too close warning

iPhone May Be Too Close? (Screen Distance iOS 17 Feature)

Getting the ‘iPhone May Be Too Close’ warning? You’re informed that ‘keeping your iPhone at arm’s length can protect your eyesight’? It’s the new Screen Distance iOS 17 feature in action!…

listen for siri not working ios 17

Listen For Siri Not Available On iPhone In iOS 17? (Fix!)

Listen for Siri not available on iPhone after iOS 17 update? You’re still only able to summon with the classic “Hey Siri” command? Just “Siri” won’t wake your virtual assistant? You’re not the only one in this situation!…

check in is not available to send to this recipient

Check In Is Not Available To Send To This Recipient iOS 17 Bug?

Getting ‘Check in is not available to send to this recipient’ when trying to use this new iOS 17 feature? Cannot Send Check In error pops up when you tap send? Both you and your contact have updated to the latest version and have Location Services turned On?…