Safari Preferences Not Available On Mac In macOS Ventura?

safari preferences not available on mac

Safari Preferences not available on Mac

Safari Preferences not available on Mac after macOS Ventura update? You’re still running Monterey or Big Sur and Preferences is missing from Safari drop-down menu after updating to Safari 16.x?

Safari Preferences Not Showing On Mac?

This unexpected behavior has been reported by Hector:

“Preferences have disappeared from the Mac Safari Version 16.5.2. Where what it gone?”

Fact: Safari updates for Mac can be installed standalone on computers that aren’t compatible with macOS Ventura! Apple provides Safari 16.x updates to allow users with older Mac models to benefit from safe and secure Internet browsing.

Safari Preferences Not Available In macOS Ventura?

Ever since macOS 13 was released it came with a redesign and renaming of a few stock apps and their functions, Safari included!

For example, System Preferences was renamed to System Settings and has an iOS / iPadOS menu configuration.

The Safari Preferences option has been also renamed to Safari Settings. Here, we’re mostly dealing with a name change as the structure of the menu has remained almost the same.

How to: So if you can’t find Preferences in Safari just look for Settings:

  • 1. Open the macOS stock Internet browser and click Safari in the top-left corner of the screen.
  • 2. Pick Settings…
  • 3. Check out the 10 tabs available: General, Tabs, Autofill, Passwords, Search, Security, Privacy, Websites, Extensions, Advanced.

Have you updated to Safari 16.5.2? Do you have any other questions or problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments!

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