USB-C Power Bank Not Charging iPhone 15 / 15 Pro? (Fix?)

iPhone 15 USB-C power bank

iPhone 15 USB-C power bank issues?

USB-C power bank not working with the brand new iPhone 15? Power adapter isn’t charging the phone? You get the opposite result: the smartphone is charging the power bank instead? You’re not the only one!

USB-C Power Bank Not Charging iPhone 15?

This unexpected behavior has been reported by Felix:

“I’m not able to charge my iPhone 15 pro with an Anker power bank. It appears the the iPhone is charging the power adapter instead.”

This doesn’t appear to be an isolated case, as we have found a similar complaints on Reddit:

“I plugged my iPhone 15 pro into this brand new Anker power band and the power bank is drawing power from the iPhone.”

How To Fix USB-C Power Adapter Not Charging iPhone 15

iphone 15 usb-c power bank not working
Apparently, the problem isn’t caused by your bran new iPhone, but by the way the power bank is designed.

In this particular case we’re dealing with an Anker PowerCore Slim 10k PD model that clearly states Input next to the USB-C port. This means that the plug in question will draw power instead of sharing.

The only way to charge iPhone 15 using a power bank is by using one that gives power via the USB-C port!

List of USB-C Power Adapters That Charge The iPhone 15

If you’re able to charge iPhone 15 with a power bank via USB-C please share the name of the product in the comments and we will update it here:

  • 1. iWALK Portable Charger 4800mAh 20W USB C Power Bank
    Review: “I am a bit annoyed that iPhone is switching from their old charges to the USB-C. That being said because they did that, I purchased this portable charger, and it does its part.”
  • 2. Anker Nano Power Bank with Built-in Foldable USB-C Connector, 5,000mAh Portable Charger 22.5W
    Review: No confirmation yet, but the USB-C port is designed for output so it should definitely work.
  • 3. INIU Portable Charger, 22.5W 20000mAh USB C in & Out Power Bank
    Review: No confirmation yet, but the USB-C port is labeled as In & Out, so we recon that it should fast charge the new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models.
  • 4. To be updated!

Are you able to charge iPhone 15 with USB power bank? Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments!

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