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AirPods Pro 2 wireless charging issue

AirPods Pro 2 Charging Issue? Very Slow Wireless Charging?

Are you experiencing AirPods 2 Pro charging issues? Are they charging very slow or not charging at all when opting for wireless charging with the Apple Watch MagSafe charger or any other third-party wireless charger?…

apple watch charging slow watchos 9

Apple Watch Slow Charging After watchOS 9 Update? (Fix!)

Are you experiencing Apple Watch slow charging problem after watchOS 9 update? Is your wrist-worn gadget charging very slow and most of the times doesn’t reach 100% charge status? This is a day-one watchOS 9 issue!…

Apple Watch snake screen error

How To Fix Apple Watch Snake Screen Error (Snake Of Death)

Getting the Apple Watch snake screen error? Does your watchOS device display a charging cable the starts with an encircled lightning symbol? The device refuses to turn On? This issues is known as the Apple Watch Snake of Death!…

Apple Watch 7 charging slow

Apple Watch 7 Charging Slow? (Like Very, Very Slow?)

Is your Apple Watch 7 charging slow? Does your device require up to 3 hours to fully charge? That’s really slow especially if you’re using fast charging hardware. This seems to be a common issue, even after updating to watchOS 8.1.1!…

AirPods case overheating when charging

AirPods Pro Case Overheating When Charging (Melted !?)

Is your AirPods Pro case overheating when charging? Is it getting too hot to touch? Keep an eye on it because a recent report on Reddit shows a case that has melted on the backside in the are where it had direct contact with the MagSafe charger….