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iWalk Trio Extreme 10000 Power Bank for iPhone and iPad

iWalk Extreme Trio 10000 Ultra-Slim Power Bank For iPhone And iPad

Last updated on May 10th, 2017 at 10:02 am No matter how much Apple has progressed in terms of iPhone battery lifetime the need of external power banks seems to be greater than ever. That’s because along with the battery capacity increase, the demand of power resources has simply skyrocketed. iOS devices receive more and…

Wall outlet charging iPhones

4 Ways To Charge An iPhone! Which Is The Fastest?

The amount of time users spent on an iPhone is constantly increasing. The multitude of functions and features slowly turn smartphones into a must-have gadget! However, the more we use them, the faster their battery drains and the more important the charging process becomes. Even the latest iPhone 7 flagships might not be able to…