Aa – An Addictive Hello World iOS Game

aa level 24 screenshot

Aa Level 24 Screenshot

It’s Monday and a nice little addictive iOS game comes right in hand for those of you that find the start of a new week troublesome.

General Adaptive Apps, the developers of Aa, compare it with the snake game, found on every first generation mobile phone! So, don’t miss it!

However, be aware before installing, that Aa generates total addiction. It requires you to pin needles in a spinning target. Each tap sends a needle towards the round wheel.

The trick is to place all available pins, without touching each other. Whenever a new needle hits the pin head of a previously placed item, it’s game over!

Aa Gameplay
Only when all needles are added to the wheel, the level is completed and a new one is unlocked! Aa currently comes with 700 levels which alternate difficulty! Obstacles are generated by alternating spinning speed and direction!
If this sounds appealing download and install Aa from the App Store!

Aa Tips and Tricks
aa level 22 successAs with similar predecessors like Flappy Bird, this iOS game has its glitches. The main difficulty of placing all needles without touching one with the other, is generated by the target’s rotation speed. As you progress speed increases, alternates and even changes direction.
Here are a few tips to help you improve your run:
1. Rhythm: Practice makes perfect. You need to complete a few levels until you exactly get into the groove. Whenever you reach a difficult level, try to find your rhythm. It’s imposed by the target’s rotation speed. Also, relax you have unlimited attempts to redo a level.

aa level 24 fail2. Focus: Starting with Level 17 the target’s spinning speed begins to alternate. Observe the pattern first and then act accordingly. When speed alternates, it’s best to play it safe and wait for an extra wheel turn. The great thing about each level is that you don’t have a time limit. You can let your target spin until you feel ready to act.
3. Rest: If you get stuck at a certain Level for more than 10 attempts, time out. Have a break and resume playing whenever you have another couple of minutes of free time.

Aa Levels Help
aa level 23 screenLevel 23: Many players find this level troublesome. However, it can become one of the easiest if you find your rhythm. The tip is to place all needles within a single wheel spin. Wait for the first needles to pass the placing area and then start pinning the other ones, one after the other, tap by tap until you place all 25 needles.
Replay Level: If you enjoy a level that you’ve already completed, or wish to see if a friend can match your skill, you can replay it by tapping the Choose Level option available in the top left corner of Aa’s homescreen.
Any Level: If you’re the impatient player that want’s access to all levels and doesn’t have the time or patience to complete them one by one, you can spend $4 on an in-app purchase and unlock all levels! For another buck you can remove ads or skip an annoying level!