Apple Maps Shows Real-Time Earth Positioning

Apple Maps Real-Time Earth Positioning

Apple Maps Real-Time Earth Positioning View!

Did you know that you can check the Earth’s position, in real-time, with the help of your built-in iOS Apple Maps app? This feature provides a cool view of our planet, unveiling the transition from day to night and vice-versa. You can use swipe gestures to rotate the globe and change view on the horizontal and vertical axis. This way you can observe countries, large geographical areas or entire continents, while they move from night to day and day to night during a 24 hour process!

To use this interesting trick on your iPhone or iPad, you have to open the Apple Maps application. Next, make sure that you zoom out, by pinching your device’s display and spreading out your fingers. You need to focus out completely in order to check the real-time earth’s positioning.

apple maps view selectionReal-Time Earth Positioning View
Now it’s time to change the map type. This is done by hitting the encircled i icon found in the bottom right corner of the Maps home screen.
It will unfold a slide menu that allows you to switch for the Satellite view. This way you are able to take a look at a 3D representation of our planet.
Real-time updates make sure that you are prompted with the actual day and night sides of our globe.

Enable Location Services To See Your Exact Position
apple maps location accessTo make the experience even more real, make sure that your iPhone’s Location Services are turned on and that you allow Apple Maps to access your device’s GPS system while the app is used. GPS functionality is enabled or disabled from Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services.
After you activate your GPS also scroll for the Maps application and make sure that the While Using the App option is enabled. Now, every time when you use Maps and check the 3D satellite view of our planet you’ll see your current location, on the globe, highlighted with the help of a blue dot.

Earth’s Transition Between Day and Night
Below you have an example of how day turns into night as the earth rotates around his axis. First capture is made right at transition between day and night, while the second screenshot is made exactly one hour later. Notice how night advances towards the next timezones, as this face of the planet turns away from the sun.

ios maps real-time earth position - day ios maps real-time earth position - night
Central Europe preparing to make the transition from Day to Night! Same location, one hour later, you can notice the night side of earth expanding!