Apple Watch Special Features, Functions, Availability and Pricing

apple watch tim cook presentation

Apple Watch presented by Tim Cook.

Apple’s ‘Spring Forward’ event has just ended and most of us have started the countdown until April 24, because that’s when ‘the most personal device ever created‘ by Apple, will be available for offline and online purchase!

Yes, I’m talking about the much anticipated Apple Watch that will be available for pre-orders starting with April 10. This makes it exactly one month away, until the latest wrist gadget will become an extension of your iPhone and viceversa.

Have you ever imagined answering to a phone call with he help your wrist watch, or remote controlling various objects and devices located in your close proximity, or on the other side of the planet? What decades ago was considered science fiction, or Star-Trek-like is now becoming reality!

Apple Watch Functions
According to Tim Cook, the Cupertino manufacturer, divides the functions of their latest gadget in three distinct categories: Timekeeping, Connectivity, Health and Fitness! Special features like heartbeat sharing, contributing to health stats, or interacting with your iOS contacts make the Apple Watch a truly revolutionary device!
apple watch timekeeping1. Timekeeping
First and foremost a watch has to provide one piece of information that’s most characteristic to every electronic, wrist worn, piece of equipment! Precise info about the current date and time is provided with the accuracy of 50 miliseconds. In addition to this Apple Watch is also aware about what time means to you. It’s linked with your iPhone’s Calendar and Contacts app and thus able to send alerts whenever and important event is upcoming.

apple watch heartbeat sharing feature2. Connectivity
In terms of communications the Apple Watch comes with a few anticipated, but very useful features like: answering a call, receiving notifications, replying to messages with the help of predefined text options or with the use of dictation and much more. I feel obliged to share with you some of the cool connectivity features, which allow you to share your heartbeat with your loved ones, send taps or draw sketches to any iOS contact owning an identical wrist device!

apple watch healthkit3. HealthKit
Apple Watch has the ability to keep you in motion during your entire day and not only when you hit the gym or do your daily sports activity. This gadget tracks your physical activity continuously and acts as a personal trainer whenever it notices that you are standing down for more than 1 hour. You are encouraged to burn calories whenever you stand up! Every daily activity is tracked down and you are always aware about how many calories you’ve burned, how much time in a day you stand and much more.

Apple Watch Apps
apple watch appsThe US manufacturer allowed developers to start building WatchKit apps for its latest gadget starting with November 2014. According to Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, there are already thousands of apps for the watch ready and figures could hit one million by the time the device reaches the hands of the first customers towards the end of April. Some software pieces presented during today’s event are: Uber (allows you to call a taxi by efficiently handling your wrist device) an app from (facilitates opening doors and setting up security systems); while Room Key can be used for opening your hotel room!

Apple Watch Models
apple watch modelsThis gadget has a huge variety of models, differentiated by case, glass and brace texture and sizes. We can differentiate between: Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition! All three of them come in case sizes of 38mm or 42mm.
The Sport type is the cheapest and comes with an specially designed aluminum case with silver or space gray colors. The glass is made of Ion-X and is strengthened, while the bracelet is made from different color rubber.
The standard Apple Watch comes with a case built out of stainless steel, equipped with a screen from sapphire crystal and a series of great bands.
Apple Watch Edition includes a 18-karat Gold casing and other luxury material that make them very expensive!

Pricing & Availability
apple watch availability The cheapest Apple Watch sold in the US will be priced at $349 and I’m talking about the 38mm Sport model. The 42mm screen, from the same category, requires an investment of $50 more, while the stainless steel device starts as high as $549 and is getting even more expensive if you wish to purchase it with a fancy bracelet. In case you aim to buy the gold Edition, you have to be prepared to spend $10.000 for a wrist watch!
The device reaches the stores on April 24, but that’s only for the main markets like: Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom, United States. The others will have to wait a little more.

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