macOS Big Sur ‘Allow Wallpaper Tinting In Windows’ Dark Mode Feature

macOS Big Sur wallpaper tinting setting

macOS Big Sur wallpaper tinting setting.

One of the new options coming with macOS Big Sur allows you to enable or disable wallpaper tinting for the macOS windows. If you tweak this setting you’ll notice that Dark Mode gets even darker when wallpaper tinting is disabled. The explanation is that wallpaper tinting allows windows to blend in nicely with the background. That’s why contrast fades away and the macOS Dark Mode becomes a bit litter when tinting is applied.

The difference is even more noticeable when you use a template with a lighter color. However, you can clearly spot it even when using the default macOS Big Sur wallpaper.
Wallpaper tinting isn’t new and is enabled by default in macOS. However, the toggle that allows you to disable it premieres in macOS 11.

How To Disable Wallpaper Tinting In macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur allow wallpaper tinting On vs Off
1. Click the Apple icon, available in the top-left corner of your Mac’s desktop.
2. Select System Preferences.
3. Click on ‘General’.
4. Disable the ‘Allow wallpaper tinting in windows’ option.
Fact: You can enable Dark Mode from the same settings page, or set it on Auto and let macOS switch between Dark and Light theme.

Important: Wallpaper tinting only makes a difference when Dark Mode is enabled. That’s because it doesn’t alter the macOS windows when the Light theme is On. More, it only has an effect on windows. Other macOS Bif Sure interface elements like side bars aren’t influenced by this feature.

Do you plan to use macOS Big Sur Dark mode with or without wallpaper tinting enabled? Let us know in the comments section available below.

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