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Music app crashes Settings in iOS 15

How To Fix Settings Crashes When Tapping On Music In iOS 15

Settings app crashes whenever you tap on Music? Are you trying to edit Apple Music settings but the screen freezes, becomes unresponsive and Settings quits unexpectedly? This bug has surfaced in the iOS 15 RC version. Until Apple issues a fix, apply the following troubleshooting steps to solve it!…

iPhone 12 Battery Health dropping fast

iPhone 12 Battery Health Dropping Fast? How To Slow It Down!

Is the iPhone 12 battery health dropping fast? Does the Maximum Capacity value decrease quicker than usual? You’re wondering if this is normal? Are you worried that the battery might be defective? Let’s take a look at the average iPhone battery usage values and find out what is considered normal in terms of iPhone 12…

Apple News widget not loading

How To Fix Apple News Widget Not Loading Stories

Is the Apple News widget not loading stories on the Home Screen? Does the iPhone or iPad display the placeholder instead of the actual news? This is a common issue that can be caused by a restrictive setting or by minor iOS glitches!…

Rain Notification on iPhone Lock Screen

How To Enable Weather Notifications On iPhone In iOS 15

iOS 15 brings Weather notifications on iPhone! You can enable precipitation alerts and get informed whenever rain, snow or hail starts in your area. The next-hour push notifications are currently available only for the United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland but the list will grow in subsequent updates….

Magic Mouse Right Click on iPad

How To Enable Magic Mouse Right Click On iPad (iPadOS 15)

A new feature coming in iPadOS 15 allows users to enable the Magic Mouse right click on iPad. This increases productivity and makes Apple’s peripheral a lot more user-friendly. The Magic Mouse secondary click option adds extra functionality especially when browsing iPadOS apps like Safari, Mail and Messages….