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How to fix the iOS Predictive emoji keyboard.

How To Fix Missing Emoji Suggestions From The iOS Predictive Keyboard

The stock iOS Keyboard has become very intelligent and proactive over the years. It can successfully auto-correct your typing (excepting those moments when bugs find their way) and is also able to predict what you’re about to write, based on machine learning which relies on your past conversations and writing style. One of the newest…

iOS 11.2 duplicate results bug in Settings search.

iOS 11.2 Settings Search Bug Displays Duplicate Results

iOS 11.2 has been released ahead of schedule to patch a nasty date bug that caused iPhone and iPad restarts. This roll out rush might be the cause of another minor glitch that found its way in one of the most popular mobile operating systems available. I’ve just noticed that the search option within the…

How to set Date and Time manually on iPhone.

How To Set Date And Time Manually On Your iPhone And iPad

Today’s iOS 11 springboard crashes caused by the December 2 date bug made some our readers realize that they don’t know how to manually set the date and time on an iPhone and iPad. Surprisingly, the iPhone’s time and date can’t be tweaked from the native Clock app, as you might have thought. Although the…

locked iphone x hidding message notifications

How To Enable Notification Previews On iPhone X

Thanks to the revolutionary Face ID authentication system the iPhone X is set by default to only show the previews of incoming notifications when it successfully detects your face. This is a great privacy enhancement available in the 10th anniversary iPhone, preventing individuals, in your proximity, from taking a sneak peek at your incoming texts….