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Tag: Settings

iphone unwanted keyboard auto-correction

How To Disable Auto-Correction When Typing On iPhone And iPad

If you’re new to iOS or have recently started using your iPhone and iPad for typing in multiple languages, there is a high chance that you might be annoyed by the Auto-Correction feature, an option that is automatically enabled in your iPhone’s built-in keyboard. This automatically replaces words that you type, with the correct spelling…

how to manage wi-fi and bluetooth connectivties in iOS 11

How To Manage Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Connectivity In iOS 11

The redesigned Control Center promoted by iOS 11 has fulfilled the expectations of iPhone and iPad fans. Everyone was looking for customization options and for the option of having many more toggles and shortcuts only one swipe away. However, Apple had to intervene in some way to make sure that the experience isn’t perfect. Yes,…

ios game center app discontinued

How To Disable iOS Game Center On iPhone And iPad

A few years ago Game Center was a mandatory feature for every iPhone and iPad owner. It was a standalone app and you could not sign out of it with losing the privilege of browsing the App Store. Game Center is still used to track scores on a leaderboard, compare achievements, invite friends and play…

ios 11 night shift mode shortcut

iPhone Night Shift Mode Shortcut Is Hidden In iOS 11

Have you recently updated you iPhone to iOS 11 and are encountering trouble finding the Night Shift mode shortcut in Control Center? Don’t feel annoyed. You’re not the only one having a hard time. Apple has completely redesigned the Control Center and Night Shift isn’t available in the main window anymore. We received over a…