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Netflix 4K HDR Video Streaming in macOS Big Sur

How To Watch Netflix 4K HDR Videos On Mac In macOS Big Sur

One of the new features coming with macOS 11 Big Sur is HDR video support. This allows Netflix users to watch their favorite TV Shows and Movies in 4K HDR quality for the first time ever on a Mac. Netflix 4K HDR Streaming Requirements According to a Netflix support document, to be able to play…

macOS Big Sur new features

macOS Big Sur New Features, Enhacements And Tips For Mac

macOS Big Sur, also known as macOS 11.0, brings the biggest design change to the Mac operating system since the release of macOS X, back in 2001. It includes depth shading and translucency for its interface, alongside powerful controls and intuitive customization options for all compatible Macs. macOS Big Sur beta program is currently ongoing…

macOS Big Sur and watchOS 7 Public Beta 2

macOS Big Sur Public Beta 2 & watchOS 7 Public Beta 2 Now Available

After a slower start Apple has already seeded the 2nd Public Beta versions for macOS Big Sur and watchOS 7, the upcoming software generations for your Mac and Apple Watch. Everyone, with a compatible device, can download, install and test out the upcoming macOS 11 and watchOS 7 software updates. Unlike iOS 14 that still…

macOS Big Sur wallpaper tinting setting

macOS Big Sur ‘Allow Wallpaper Tinting In Windows’ Dark Mode Feature

One of the new options coming with macOS Big Sur allows you to enable or disable wallpaper tinting for the macOS windows. If you tweak this setting you’ll notice that Dark Mode gets even darker when wallpaper tinting is disabled. The explanation is that wallpaper tinting allows windows to blend in nicely with the background….

macOS Big Sur Public Beta Software Update

How To Install macOS Big Sur Public Beta On Your Mac

You can now download and install the macOS Big Sur Public Beta on any compatible Mac. All that you have to do is to sign in with Apple’s Beta Software program, grab the Public Beta Access Utility file and install it on your device. Then, use the Software Update app, in System Preferences, to upgrade…