Apple Watch Series 7 Screen Scratches Easily? (Yes / No)

Apple Watch 7 scratch

Apple Watch 7 scratch

Is the Apple Watch 7 scratching easily? Apple claims that the Series 7 screen is scratch resistant. However, an early adopter has reported on Reddit, that he managed to scratch it in the first day of ownership. Until now, this seems to be an isolated case.

Apple Watch 7 Scratch On First Day

Apple Watch 7 scratched easily

“First day of AW S7 and already scratched it. Just barely hit my wall with it.”

The scratch can be noticed in the nearby image. It’s horizontal and almost 1 centimeter wide. It’s clearly visible. Was this just bad luck, or the Apple Watch 7 screen is scratching easily?

We searched the web for other similar Series 7 scratch reports but couldn’t find anything yet.

What about your AW 7? How is it holding up? Use the comments section available below!

Apple Watch 7 Scratch Reports

Updated (November 2): Unfortunately, the Series 7 scratches very easy. Thanks for the numerous reports provided in the comments section. We’ve highlighted some below:
Carmen M.:

“This is my 5th Apple Watch going back to the Apple Watch 3 and the 7 is the only one that has scratched on me. The older versions I would bump it against things and they never scratched.”


“Just noticed 7! SEVEN scratches across mine and I’ve not even had a week. It’s cold and I wear long sleeve shirts over the watch. Never bumped that I recall. This is insane!”

Apple Watch 7 scratches


“I got my Apple Watch on launch day and ordered screen protectors the same day. Between the two days it took for the screen protectors to arrive, I noticed the top part of the screen of my watch a bunch of little scratches.”

Apple Watch Series 7 Scratch Resistant?

During the California streaming keynote, Apple unveiled the Series 7 and marketed its screen as being covered with a “crystal coating to make it more resistant to cracks and scratches”.

Fact: There were not big scratch issues with the Series 6 either. So, advertising the AW 7 as even more scratch resistant should keep us on the safe side. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case!

Apple Watch 7 Scratch Video

(Updated, October 25)
Check out a huge scratch that goes the entire width of the screen in the Reddit video embedded below:

Apple Watch 7 Screen Protector

apple watch 7 screen protector
Have you ever used AW screen protection? Do you plan to use one with the Series 7? You should!

In fact, based on numerous reports availble in the comments section, you should not wear the watch before applying the screen cover! The Apple Watch 7 scratches very easy!

I never had problems with Apple Watch models scratching easily but the Series 7 seems to be prone to scratches. Not sure if we’re talking about just a couple of bad batches, but I recommend you to apply a screen protector before you start wearing it.

You can go for the liquid glass screen protector from Luvvitt. It can be applied not only on your Apple Watch but also on iPhone, iPad and any other smartphone or tablet.

Or, can try out the anti-scratch screen protectors from L4K, available on (45mm or 41mm). The 8-pack is available for $10.99!

Other features include: dust protection, fingerprint reduction, anti-chip design, high-response touch, HD screen and anti-oil stains.

Does the Apple Watch Screen Protector hide Scratches?

If the screen damage is light, applying a screen protector will in most cases hide the problem. However big and deep scratches will still be noticeable on the Series 7 even after applying the protection foil.

For more Apple Watch 7 screen protectors please check:
Self-healing Screen Protector for AW7 (by LK)
Military Shield Screen Protector for Series 7 (by ArmorSuit)

Apple Watch 7 Case

apple watch 7 screen protection
You can also opt for full protection and opt for a protective case. Some that we recommend are the:
Spigen Rugged Armor Case (by Spigen)
Ailun Hard Case with Tempered Glass (by Ailun)

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Update (July 1st): Apple releases new ‘Hard Knocks’ ad that promotes the Series 7 screen durability. However, there’s nothing mentioned about the Apple Watch 7 scratch resistance. More details here!

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