Unexpected Reactions To WhatsApp Messages On iPhone? (Fix?)

whatsapp reactions to messages

WhatsApp unexpected reactions to messages

iPhone generates reactions to WhatsApp messages automatically? Same face with tears of joy emoji is added as a reaction to all incoming texts from a chat? You’re not alone!

Automatic Reactions To WhatsApp Messages On iPhone?

This issue has been reported by Cora:

“I just switched from Android and reactions are added unexpectedly to incoming texts. Same emoji! Are you familiar with this?”

We couldn’t replicate the issue but have found a similar complaint on Reddit:

“iPhone reacting by itself on these messages on whatsapp.”

Apparently, this issue is affecting users that have recently switched from Android to iOS. The good thing is that the reactions are only visible on the affected device, they aren’t actually sent to the other end of the line!

How To Stop Auto Reactions To WhatsApp Messages On iPhone

Here is what you can do to prevent this glitch from re-occurring:

1. Reinstall WhatsApp On iPhone

A fresh install of WhatsApp will make sure that you get the latest version for iOS and will also filter minor glitches.

We recommend you to use the offload option available in:
Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage -> WhatsApp -> Offload App -> Reinstall App.

2. Check Linked Devices

whatsapp linked devices settings
Reactions might not be accidental at all! If you linked a device to your WhatsApp account, it might be used by a family member.

You can check this in the WhatsApp Settings (bottom-right corner) -> Linked Devices

Have you managed to stop unwanted emoji reactions to WhatsApp messages on iPhone? Do you have a better suggestion or other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments!

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