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Unread Messages on iPhone

How To Unread Messages On iPhone And iPad In iOS 16

In iOS 16 you can unread messages on iPhone, in order not to forget about them and be able to reply later. All this thanks to a new feature called Unread Messages. It works with both iMessages as well as regular SMS….

send short number SMS

How To Send Short Number SMS On iPhone (Pay Parking & Etc)

Are you unable to send short code SMS on iPhone? That’s not uncommon because iOS isn’t user-friendly when it comes to sending texts to 4-digit numbers. That’s because the device expects the recipient’s number to be much longer and gets stuck in the ‘add number’ or ‘select contact’ fields….

Unsend Messages in iOS 16

How To Unsend Messages On iPhone, iPad and Mac (iOS 16)

Do you know that you can unsend messages on iPhone, iPad and Mac? If you accidentally send one or reconsider sharing some info, you have 15 minutes to undo send. All thanks to new iOS 16 features available for the stock Messages app. Unsend messages is also working on iPad and Mac devices that are…

Group messages not working on iPhone

Group Message Replies Individually On iPhone In iOS 15?

Are Group Messages not working properly after updating to iOS 15? Group message replies individually in separate threads, for each person from the conversation? This is a common issue that might be carrier related….

Messages badge count wrong

How To Fix Messages Badge Won’t Go Away (Wrong Count)

Is the Messages badge count wrong on your iPhone or iPad? The red badge, displayed in the top-right corner of the icon, won’t go away? It indicates that you have a set amount of unread texts in Messages, but you don’t seem to find any in the list?…