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Memoji Clothes iOS 15

How To Change Memoji Clothes In iOS 15

In iOS 15 you’re able to change Memoji clothes to match your real life style and looks! You can choose from a wide variety of shirts, jackets and dresses. There are multiple outfits and colors that you can pick. All this thanks to the new Clothing section available in the Memoji app, in Messages!…

missing text input field in Messages

How To Fix No Text Input Field In macOS Big Sur Messages

Are you trying to reply to a text message but there is no text input field shown in the Messages conversation window? This seems to be caused by a macOS Big Sur bug. Those that are plagued with the issue have reported that not all conversations are affected. The issue is randomly occurring for select…

iPhone dictation lag in iOS 14

How To Fix iPhone Voice Dictation Lag (Delay) In iOS 14

Are you experiencing problems with the voice dictation feature on your iPhone in iOS 14? You’re not the only one. We’ve just received a bug report from a reader that complains about a delay that occurs between the moment when the device starts listening and your actual dictation is converted into text….

Messages Notifications missing on iPhone

How To Fix Messages Notifications Not Working On iPhone (iOS 14)

Last updated on December 12th, 2020 at 04:20 pmAre Messages notifications not working properly? Is your iPhone randomly failing to alert you when a new iMessage or SMS lands in? That’s because of an annoying iOS 14.2 bug, that causes alerts in Messages not to work as expected. Some texts are announced as usual with…

iPhone 12 Short Code SMS Fix

How To Fix Short Code SMS Texts Not Working On iPhone 12

Last updated on February 28th, 2021 at 04:39 pmYou’ve recently updated to the new iPhone 12 or 12 Pro and aren’t receiving short code SMS texts on your new device? You’re not the only one! A series of users from AT&T and T-Mobile have experienced this problem too. The issue seems to occur when a…