Common Sense Tips To Physically Clean Your iPhone 7 And Other Models

cleaning iphone screen with lint-free cloth

Cleaning iPhone screen with lint-free cloth.

Several studies have shown that smartphones can end up hosting more germs and microbes than a toilet bowl. The computer, notebook or any other keyboard can be placed in the same category, but the fact that you’re a lot more personal with your iPhone compared to anything else, it’s important to know that you have to regularly clean it. A free from dirt, marks or stains iOS device is also much more pleasant to own and has a higher resell value.

The way you choose to wear your iPhone is also very important when we talk about it’s physical aspect. Covering it with a plastic or glass screen protector, add an extra layer of protection when we talk about dangers posed by unfriendly substances that can be accidentally spilled on your precious iOS device. Cases are even more efficient. However, there are a lot of iPhone fans that prefer to wear their device naked. I subscribe to this category simply because I love to feel and look at the original masterpiece on not some plastic covered version of it. With AppleCare+ and the 2-year upgrade frequency, it’s a shame not to get the most out of your iPhone!

When To Clean Your iPhone
filthy iphone My advice is to do it daily. However, if you like to go hardcore you’ll notice that when the Touch ID gets to filthy it will simply stop functioning properly. More, if you have kids, your iPhone represents a permanent attraction. Considering that it can host a lot of germs, think at the health of your loved ones and clean it as often as possible.
Next, if the camera lens is greasy, photo quality decreases. A fingerprinted screen will also provide an unpleasant experience for your eyes. So, because of all this I recommend you to cleanse you iPhone every afternoon or evening when you arrive home.
Fact: of course that you should it clean it instantly, if your iPhone comes accidentally in contact with anything that can cause stains on its coating or any other type of damage.

How To Clean An iPhone
coffee spilled on iphone Using your iOS device without any type of protection, seriously exposes it to grease, grime and similar filth. Further on I’ll provide a few common sense tips about how to clean and maintain your iPhone in a hygienic condition.
1. In most cases an iPhone can be whipped clean with a help of a lint-free cloth, identical with one that you use for cleaning your lenses, or TV screen.
2. If the filthiness has added up you might wanna spray a neutral lens-cleaning solution on the clothing before you wipe your iPhone. Be careful to control the moisture. Don’t exaggerate and avoid from showing moisture in the smartphone’s openings.
3. In case you spill substances like: lotions, ink, acid liquids, soap, detergent, on your iOS device, first fold a moisture absorbing clothing around it. Then unplug any cables attached to your iPhone and turn the device off. If you suspect that moisture has entered any of the ports place the device inclined so that liquids can flow out the way they entered.
4. If the device is completely immersed in liquid, get it out as soon as possible and place it in a horizontal position, in a well ventilated room. Don’t blow or use compressed air to dry clean!
5. In case sand, makeup or any other granulated substance reaches your iPhone, be extra cautious when whipping it out. The risk of scratching is very high. Try to to clean with a smooth brush. Pressing with a napkin can expose your device to scratches.

Fact: The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus flagships come with a fingerprint-resistant oleo-phobic—oil repellent—coating that wears over time. Cleaning products or excessive brushing can remove the coating even faster.