Download The Colored Wave Default iOS 9 Wallpaper

iOS 9 default wallpaper image

iOS 9 default wallpaper image.

You don’t have to run the iOS 9 beta on your iPhone or iPad to enjoy the wonderful wallpaper that comes along with the software. In fact, we currently don’t recommend to install the first iOS 9 beta on neither of your main Apple devices. However, here is how to enjoy the colored wave image on the background of your iOS 8 or earlier version.

What you have to do is download the image on your device and set it a wallpaper. Simply, tap on this default iOS 9 wallpaper link or pick a device specific image, from the download links available at the bottom of this article. The picture, displaying a colored wave, opens up on your screen. Tap & hold on the image, than release and the Save Image option should pop-up. Hit it and the picture will be saved in your Photos app. The procedure works the same on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

How To Set Up Photo as Wallpaper
set image as iphone home and lock screen wallpaper Next, press the Home button to return to your iOS home screen and open Photos. Browse for the most recent image saved and open it. Now, press the Share Sheet button, available in the bottom-left corner of the screen and hit the Use as Wallpaper button.
A preview of the wallpaper is displayed. You can drag your finger to move and frame the photo as you like. Pinch to zoom in and out and select the perfect view.
Tap “Set” when ready. Next, you can choose to assign the image as a background for Lock Screen, Home Screen or both. Hit the desired selection and your new wallpaper is configured.

press share sheet button to add image as wallpaper

Press share sheet button to add image as wallpaper.

use selected image as iphone wallpaper

Use selected image as iPhone wallpaper.

move and scale image as iphone wallpaper

Move and scale image as iPhone wallpaper.

Fact: Your wallpaper remains in place if you choose delete the image that you used for setting up the background, from the Photos app.

iOS 9 Wave Wallpaper Info
– The original iOS 9 background has a resolution of 2706 x 2706 pixels.
– It occupies 12 MB of storage space.
– Saving the original image allows you to tweak the wallpaper as you wish when setting it up.
– If you do wish to have things simple, you can use the download links available below and download device specific, specific resolution versions, of the iOS 9 colored wave wallpaper (parallax effect is also taken in consideration if you’re a power user):
iPhone 6 & earlier (1338 x 2524 pixels | 2 MB)
iPhone 6 Plus (2662 x 2662 pixels | 4 MB)
iPad (2524 x 2524 pixels | 1 MB)
iOS 9 Desktop Wallpaper (2524 x 1577 | 3 MB)