Enable/Disable Battery Percentage Indicator for iPhone 5s

iOS 7 battery percentage

iOS 7 Battery Percentage Indicator.

Nowadays it’s vital to know the charge level of your iPhone battery. It helps you to manage the power of your smartphone and care to have enough juice left, so that your Apple device can function optimally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The battery indicator for your iPhone 5s is located in the top right corner of your iOS device. You can have a rough estimation of the power supply left in your device by checking the battery graph. The emptier the battery “content” the less juice is left in your iPhone’s tank.
However, you can have a highly more accurate reading of the energy levels, of your iPhone 5s, by enabling the battery percentage indicator available with iOS 7. A precise scale of 1% to 100% keeps you permanently updated with the remaining lifetime.

How To Enable/Disable

The battery percentage indicator is not enabled by default on your iPhone 5s. You have to tap on “Settings”, select “General” and navigate to “Usage”. Scroll down to the “Battery Percentage” tab and turn the indicator on by tapping the switch. The remaining battery juice will be immediately displayed in the top right corner of your iPhone’s screen next to the remaining battery graph. Tap the switch again to disable this feature!

Tip: If you consider that your device is discharging too fast, use the newly available battery usage stat to check for the cause and run a battery life test to see if it’s a hardware problem!

iPhone Battery Percentage Video Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial that guides you through the enabling process of the battery percentage indicator:

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