Create and Assign New Vibration Patterns on iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s vibration pattern

Feeling an iPhone 5s vibration pattern.

This is a really useful trick to apply while using your iOS 7 device! I will teach you how to create new vibration patterns for your iPhone 5s and assign them to various alerts. Having personalized vibration alerts for your contacts or alarms will help you to enjoy maximum stealth and be as sharp as you normally are when your Apple device isn’t in “Silent” mode.

For example if you’re in a meeting and can’t be disturbed, you’ll switch your iPhone on Silent mode. However, if you’re awaiting urgent news, you can assign a personalized vibration pattern to your contact and thus actually feel when news arrives. Or, you simply wish to excuse yourself from a meeting at a certain time but you can’t afford to constantly check your watch, because it would be impolite. Simply set an alarm with a personalized vibration pattern and you’ll know when it’s time to run!

How To Create New Vibration Pattern

Simply grab your iPhone 5s and tap on “Settings”. Next please access “Sounds” and tap “Ringtone”. Continue to “Vibration” and select “Create New Vibration”. Now it’s time to tap your desired vibration pattern. Hit stop when you think it’s enough.
To preview your new vibration pattern tap on “Play”. If you’re satisfied tap on “Save”, else redo the process. When you hit “Save” you’ll be prompted with a pop-up that requires you to name your new vibration pattern. Use a suggestive name that will help you recognize the pattern easily when scrolling through the vibration menu. That’s it!

How To Assign Personalized Vibration Pattern

Use iOS 7 Spotlight Search or simply open “Contacts” and search for the desired contact. Tap “Edit” and hit the “Vibration” tab. Scroll towards the “Custom” vibration section and select the newly created pattern. Optionally, you can also add a personalized ringtone as exemplified in the video tutorial available below.

iPhone Vibration Pattern Video Tutorial

Watch it for extended information about how to create and assign vibration patterns on iOS 7.

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