Fast Haptic Touch iOS 17 Feature Shortens Duration! (How To)

fast haptic touch iOS 17

Fast Haptic Touch iOS 17

Are you looking for a way to make haptic touch faster? iOS 17 allows you to shorten Touch Duration by providing a third option to this Accessibility setting. Fast haptic touch is now faster and feels similar to the old 3D Touch!

Fast Haptic Touch iOS 17 Changes

In the new settings the Haptic Touch duration can be set as Fast, Default or Slow, instead of just Fast or Slow.

The new Fast option is different from the Fast, that’s the implicit option in iOS 16. The old Fast is equivalent to the new Default, if that makes sense.

The iOS 17 Fast Haptic Touch option shortens the duration considerably and reminds of the old 3D Touch haptics.

How To Make Haptic Touch Faster In iOS 17

fast haptic touch ios 17 settings

  • 1. Open Settings and scroll for Accessibility.
  • 2. Go for Touch -> Haptic Touch.
  • 3. Select Fast.
  • Tip: Try out the new Touch Duration setting by touching and holding the image that depicts a flower.
    ios 17 fast haptic touch test

Do you like the new fast Haptic Touch feature? Are you using it or your prefer the Default option? Share your feedback in the comments!

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