Full Screen Music Player On Lock Screen (iOS 16 Public Beta)

Full screen Music player on Lock Screen

Full screen Music player on Lock Screen

The full screen Music player on Lock Screen is one of the first things that will stand out to you after installing the iOS 16 Public Beta. This will surprise you even if you’ve already tested the three previous Developer Beta versions!

Full Screen Music Player On Lock Screen

how to minimize full screen music player
This functionality isn’t a premiere but it wasn’t available on an iPhone since iOS 10!

Don’t get me wrong, music player on Lock Screen has been always here, but in a much smaller size.

Fact: In iOS 16, the full screen music player even changes the entire background of the screen, bypassing the wallpaper colors!

iOS 16 Full Screen Music Player Tips

full screen music player airplay options

  • Tap the bottom area of the Lock Screen to bring back the minimised version of this player. This action will also cause the background to return to normal and display your default wallpaper.
  • Tap Album art to bring back the full-screen view on Lock Screen.
  • Tap song name to open Apple Music.
  • Tap music controls to alter playback.
  • Tap AirPlay icon to change music output source.

How To Display Full Screen Music Player On Lock Screen?

This is a default iOS 16 feature. You only need to update iPhone to iOS 16 or later and the expanded music player will be shown on the Lock Screen, unless you decide to minimize it by taping the empty area at the bottom of the Lock Screen!

Full Screen Music Player Not Available On Lock Screen?

To fix it tap the Album art in the minimized player view. It should expand to full screen mode and this setting will be remembered.

If this doesn’t work, I recommend you to restart your iPhone.

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