Help Hugo & Ronaldo Escape Paparazzi In Superstar Skaters

ronaldo and hugo superstar skaters

Ronaldo and Hugo Superstar Skaters!

A fresh runner has reached the App Store shelves. Apple fans please meet Ronaldo&Hugo: Superstar Skaters for iOS. Help the world famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo and his cartoon character friend Hugo to ditch the chasing Paparazzi in a spectacular adventure around Las Vegas, one of the most hyped cities of the world. The two celebrities combine skating and running skills, to brake away from their stalkers. Control their moving path, let them know when to jump, ditch, slide, glide and perform spectacular skateboard tricks to brake away from their followers.

Rewards are of course available, on the path. Use Ronaldo’s agility to collect golden balls (Hugo collects golden stars), letters and many other special items for rewards, that will help you improve your characters, and gear them up with the fanciest skateboards available. You can even unlock a bonus level, by getting the swing suit and allow your heroes to fly and get out of the paparazzi’s sight.

Install Superstar Skaters on iOS
download ronaldo&hugo superstar skaters The software developed by Hugo Games is available for download, on the App Store. Install Ronaldo&Hugo: Superstar Skaters on your iPhone or iPad and start playing within minutes. The game is 94.5 MB big and supports iOS version from 5.1.1 onwards. It’s playable on Apple devices starting with the iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPod 4 and above.
Fact: When opening the game, be aware that the loading screen will be displayed for at least 10 seconds until the software powers up and prompts you with the home screen menu. Be patient because the application doesn’t jam. It really works flawless after that, no lags whatsoever.

Hugo&Ronaldo: Superstar Skaters Gameplay
cristiano ronaldo chased by paparazzi Playing this runner is easy, but yet very challenging and entertaining. Practically, your character skates and runs continuously. Your goal is to control it’s path and help him collect different reward items and avoid obstacles that cause a fall. This will feed paparazzi with plenty of compromising materials! Here are the basic controls:
– Swipe Left/Right: to change skating lanes. There are 3 paths to choose from, switch your current path whenever an obstacle that can’t be passed, looms at the horizon. Swipe left, to change to the left line or right to do the opposite. One swipe equals one lane change. You can also change path while airborne (landing from a jump).
– Swipe Up: experience will let you know if an obstacle can be jumped or not. Swipe up to make Ronaldo or Hugo jump and avoid danger. Sometimes when the other lanes are blocked, jumping is the only way out! Time your jumps for great leaps.
– Swipe Down: Paparazzi can be also avoided by ducking or sliding below obstacles. This control is obtained with a swipe down on your iPhone’s or iPad’s touchscreen.

Hugo&Ronaldo: Superstar Skaters Tips
superstar skaters game home screen – Collect the letters that are up for grabs on the skating path to unlock various gifts. Use Ronaldo in your first mission to unlock Hugo!
– Select which celebrity you wish to race with from the SuperStars menu button.
– If you get stuck on a level, play it several times until you discover the perfect trail that has to be followed.
– Jump and climb on incoming trams, when possible, to benefit from the advantage of the higher perspective. Always plan ahead and anticipate what’s coming.
– Depending on your Apple device and the resources used, the gadget can warm up during play. If it gets too hot, pause your play and allow it to cool down before resuming. It will protect the battery life and also prevent you from spending too much time gaming!