How Long Does It Take To Update iPhone To iOS 14?

how long does it take to update to ios 14

How long does it take to update to iOS 14?

iOS 14 has been released since a couple of days and we’re still getting lots of reports from users that complain about huge waiting times for downloading the latest iPhone software update file. We’ve got comments from viewers that claim that they’re prompted with hours of waiting time and there was a case when someone reported a whooping ‘1 day’ estimation for downloading iOS 14 on an iPhone.

How Long Does It Take To Update To iOS 14?

We’ve updated several iPhone models to iOS 14 already and can say that the average total update time is between 30 and 45 minutes. The iOS 14 update process can be split in to four parts and here are the normal waiting times for each step:
iOS 14 software update file download should take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes.
the ‘Preparing Update…’ part should be similar in duration (15 – 20 minutes).
‘Verifying Update…’ lasts anywhere between 1 and 5 minutes, in normal circumstances.
The last stage, the actual iOS 14 installation process should take between 5 and 10 minutes.
Total iOS 14 Update Time: 30 – 45 minutes.

Why Does It Take So Long To Update To iOS 14?

There are several factors that influence the duration of an iOS update.
1. Internet Connectivity
Perhaps the most important factor in determining the length of an iOS 14 update is the iPhone’s Internet speed. We recommend you to use a WiFi network for upgrading to iOS 14.
If your Internet connection is slow or intermittent, the iOS 14 software update will take longer to download.
Fact: iOS 14 software update file is, in most cases, 4.79 GB large. We don’t recommend you to update using your carrier’s cellular data plan.

2. Region (Update Size)
Another important factor that influences the duration of the iOS 14 update is the user’s location. Not all Apple services are available worldwide. While most iPhone owners will see an iOS 14 software update file size of 4,79 GB, there will be others that have to download only 2,83 GB for getting iOS 14. That’s because they’re getting a lighter version that doesn’t include the services that aren’t available in their region.

ios 14 software update file size

iOS 14 software update file size (iPhone XR v XS)

3. iPhone Model
iPhone model can also influence the size of the iOS 14 download file. Older compatible iPhone models can get a more trimmed down version of the new iOS, that best works with the available resources on their Apple smartphone.
More, older iPhone models can score slower Internet download speeds and thus will take more time to update.

4. Available Storage Space
If the available storage on your iPhone is at the limit of fitting the iOS 14 update, your iPhone will attempt to offload apps and free up storage space. This leads to an extended duration for the iOS 14 software update.
Fact: You need around 5GB of free storage on your iPhone to be able to install iOS 14. If you’re not sure how much space there is available browse for Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage.

5. Moment Of Update
Because we are still in the early days of iOS 14, the moment you attempt to update is also very important. Lots of users are currently switching to the new release and this can easily overcrowd Apple’s servers during peak time.
From our experience, the best time to upload is early in the morning, when most people are still sleeping and the automatic updates had enough time to complete.

How To Avoid iOS 14 Update Waiting Time

The good news is that you can tap on Download and Install and let your iPhone download iOS 14 and prepare for update in the background, while you continue use your iPhone.

Tip: You can schedule an automated iOS 14 software update and set your iPhone to update to the new iOS generation while you sleep. This implies to keep your device connected to the Internet and connected to a charger during night-time.
how to set iPhone to download and install iOS 14 automatically
How To: Open Settings and browse for General -> Software Update -> Automatic Updates. Enable ‘Download iOS Updates’ option. This will allow your iPhone to automatically download the iOS 14 update file, when it becomes aware about the new update.

Turn On Install iOS Updates to allow your iPhone to automatically install software updates overnight after they have been downloaded. You will receive a notification before updates are installed.

iOS 14 Video Update Tutorial

Watch our complete update from iOS 13 to iOS 14 video tutorial and see how long it takes to update in normal circumstances:

Is iOS 14 Worth Updating To?

Have you updated to iOS 14? Did you also have problems with high waiting times during the update process? Use the comments section available below to provide feedback.

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