How To Adjust The iPhone 7 Home Button Haptic Click Feedback

iphone 7 solid-state home button

iPhone 7 solid-state Home button.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus flagships have revolutionized the way users interact with the iOS device’s main button. Starting with this 9th iPhone generation, the Home Button isn’t physically clickable anymore. That’s because it doesn’t have the mechanics of a regular button, it doesn’t move in an out when you press it. It’s in solid-state and uses a taptic feedback engine to simulate physical clicks. This 3D Touch-like vibration allows you to notice when you actually press it.

This state of the art iPhone Home button continues to include the Touch ID sensor, for fingerprint recognition, but is much more reliable instead. It also helps with the overall iPhone 7 water resistance performance and looks to be the perfect transition towards the complete replacement of the physical controller. Rumors point out that the upcoming iPhone 8 will embed the Home button in its display making it completely digital!

iphone 7 home button with taptic engine Tweak iPhone 7 Home Button Responsiveness
Along with this ultra-modern way of clicking, iOS 10 brings an important Home Button setting that allows you to better accommodate with the new solid-state Home Button. You can choose the intensity of the haptic feedback. More exactly, set how strong you want the Home Button to vibrate when you click it. It’s very important to know if a click was successful, because certain shortcuts like double-clicking the Home button to bring up the App Switcher menu, or triple-clicking the Home key for the Accessibility shortcut, require full awareness.

ios 10 home button settings How To: The first time you configure your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus device, you’ll be prompted to choose between one of the three click intensities. The default option is No. 2 and most users accept it. However, if you want to tweak this option later on, here is what you have to do.
1. Open Settings from the Home Screen and tap on General.
2. Now, scroll for the Home Button label. You’ll find it under CarPlay, right above Accessibility.
3. On the Choose Your Click screen, select a different intensity and press the Home Button to test it out.
4. Tap Done, when ready, to save your selection.

iphone 7 home button click setup Fact: Using a case with your iPhone 7 might require you to increase the Home button’s haptic responsiveness because and extra layer of fabric diminishes the sensation of vibration.

Tip: Do note that the haptic responsiveness is a different setting, from the Home button’s click speed intensity, which is adjustable by browsing for Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Home Button -> Click Speed. This setting determines how soon you have to click the home key for the second time, for the double-click to be registered.