How To Clean The Apple Watch And Its Bands

apple watch under running water

How Not To clean the Apple Watch!

The bands, bracelets and clasps attached to your Apple Watch, significantly contribute to the impressive visual aspect of your watch OS device. Although Apple has confirmed, once again, that its manufacturing only quality and long lasting products, you do have to know how to properly clean your smartwatch’s loops. This can only add to the lifetime of your gadget and maintain a pleasant and fresh aspect about your Watch.

To properly clean an Apple Watch strap, you have to remove it first, from the casing. Actionate the band removal button, available on the backside of the device, near the strap jointing. In the same time slide the band sideways to remove it. Sometimes, it can happen that the mechanism jams. Don’t force the bracelet head if it gets stuck. Better press the release button again and repeat the process!

removing apple watch band General Apple Watch Band Cleaning Info
Apple recommends to to clean its bands and bracelets with a lint-free, nonabrasive cloth. This means that you can safely use a similar wipe, to the one specially designed for cleaning the eyeglass lenses. If the bands feel sticky or have visual signs of dirt, you should spray a little water, on the cleaning cloth. Use a second wipe, out of the same material, to dry the strap out, before joining it back with the Watch’s case.
Re-attaching the band is very easy. Just slide it back it without pressing any button, until you hear and sense that it clicks in.

Clean Apple Watch Leather Strap
As you might have already anticipated, the leather bands are the most demanding ones, when it comes to caring and ensuring that they remain in tip-top condition. Use the same procedure described above, to clean the strap. However, be careful with water dosage. Too much could negatively impact the texture of the leather. Don’t use a second wipe to dry the leather straps, let them air dry instead!

cleaning the apple watch Apple Watch Cleaning Info
Use the same lint-free, nonabrasive napkins to wipe-clean the device’s display and the entire case. Your Apple Watch is water resistant enough to safely handle a little moisture. This ensures a thorough clean. To clean only the case, there’s no need to remove the bands.

Leather Band Caring Tips
The leather straps on your Apple Watch aren’t water resistant. Don’t shower or soak them in water, to avoid premature damage.
Avoid storing or using these straps, for a prolonged period of time, in humid places. If you go for a bath, let your Watch wait on the desk.
Leather bands are negatively impacted by high temperatures. The quality of the leather can deprecate if it gets too hot.
Also, UV rays from the sun can discolor and alter the texture of the leather. This is why you shouldn’t store leather bands in direct sunlight!