Is the Apple Watch Waterproof or Water Resistant?

apple watch under water jet

Apple Watch under water jet!

Perhaps one of the most popular questions for Apple Watch users, especially for those owning the Sports edition, is if the smartwatch is immune to water. Practically, fans wanna now if they can take their wrist gadget for a swim, without destroying it. Or, if it doesn’t fit for the pool/sea, can you at least shower without needing to remove the Watch from your hand? What about those of us biking during rainy days, is the gadget enough watertight? Don’t worry, I’m here to cover all these aspects!

You might have already anticipated that the situation is somewhat gray! If the Apple Watch would have been fully waterproof, I would have mentioned it by now and splash all those butterflies from your stomach. However, I have good and bad news! Which of them do you wanna hear first?… Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t recommend you to go for a swim, with the Watch on your wrist. The labeling for this gadget is splash and water resistant! This means that the Watch withstands occasional and accidental spots of water, and more…!

Apple Watch Water Resistance Rating
The official classification for Apple’s revolutionary smartwatch, given by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), according to standard 60529, also know as International Protection Marking, is IPX7. This certification rates, after rigorous testing, the level of protection against intrusions like water, dust and other particles of mechanical and electrical cases.

Apple Watch vs Regular Water Resistant Watches
If you’re used to the old waterproof labeling of traditional watches, you should know that this smartwatch fits in the 50M rating. This doesn’t mean though that the gadget can be immersed up to 50 meters in water, but:
50M – You’re allowed to shower while the Watch is on. Occasional splashing is allowed.
100M – The watch can be worn while swimming. Snorkeling and extended water exposure is also allowed.
200M – Device is fully watertight, you can scuba dive with it.

What Does This Mean?
apple watch submerged in water The Apple Watch is waterproof if the following conditions are meet; it can be immersed in water up to 3.3 feet (1 meter) deep, for up to 30 minutes, without risk of internal flooding. This means that the Apple Watch can successfully handle the following water interactions:
dripping water hitting the case from any angle;
spraying water, a continuous exposure from any angle;
water splashes aren’t gonna damage the Apple Watch;
the smartwatch can also deal with powerful water jets (up to 1000 kPA, for at least 3 minutes) from any direction;

swimming with apple watchCan I swim wearing the Watch or Not?
Theoretically NO, practically YES. If you decide to turn up at the swimming pool or seaside with the smartwatch on your wrist, you do it at your own risk! Apple’s guarantee won’t cover the potential water damage. However, various users have already gone out for a swim with the Watch and report encouraging results. You can check out the video below and see how the Apple Watch acts as waterproof and water resistant while undergoing some serious testing! Credits to FoneFox.