How To Create Live Wallpapers For iPhone 6S

iphone 6s live wallpaper demo

iPhone 6S Live Wallpaper demo.

Another notable add-on coming with the iPhone 6S, running iOS 9, is the availability of playable wallpapers. Similar to the Apple Watch Motion faces, the latest smartphones, designed by the Cupertino-based manufacturer, allows you to set up gif-like animations as home and lock screen backgrounds. The wallpapers can be either saved from a mail, message or any other source for online downloads, or created by yourself with the help of the iPhone 6S Live Photos feature!

This means that practically any photo that you shoot with your camera can become a small moving video if Live Photos is enabled! Once, you decide what image is suitable for becoming your next wallpaper, simply open the Photos app and browse for it. Open the full screen view and scroll to unveil the native footer menu. Tap on the Share Sheets button and select Use as Wallpaper from the first row of available options. Drag your finger on the iPhone’s display to move and/or scale the picture. Tap Set when ready. Decide for Lock/Home Screen backgrounds or choose both and you’re done!

iPhone 6S Stock Motion Wallpapers
ios 9 live wallpaper setting You can also use the native backgrounds available with iOS 9. They’re only displayed on the iPhone 6S siblings and can be selected from the Wallpaper menu, within the Settings app. Check out the Apple Wallpaper section and tap on the category labeled as Live. Choose a predefined animation and tap on it. Preview it by pressing on the screen, while on Wallpaper preview page. Make sure that Live Photo is selected and tap Set. Last but not least decide whether you wish for the moving frames to be displayed both on the Home or Lock screen and that’s it!

How To Play Live Wallpapers
iphone 6s live wallpaper preview The animated backgrounds can only be played on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus flagships because they’re the only smartphones supporting 3D Touch technology at the moment. To play a moving wallpaper you have to press firmly on the iPhone’s screen. The iOS device has to be in lock screen mode, to be able to play the 1.5 seconds-long video. This is called a Peek action, which allows you to preview the content of the Live Photo. Animating your wallpaper won’t work when iPhone is unlocked, because the screen is packed with app and deep pressing triggers app specific Quick Actions, or the application specific editing menu.

Fact: While snapping a Live Photo the iPhone 6S records a short clip before and after it captures the picture. The animation sums up a second and a half of video, to provide a better memory of the immortalized moment.