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Clock Widget bug in iOS 15.1

Change City In Clock Widget Not Working? (iOS 15.1 Bug)

Are you trying to change city in the Clock Widget but a glitch occurs and the glance stops working? This is a new iOS 15.1 bug that popped up during Beta 3. Users get the City City City selection instead of the chosen location. More, the Home Screen widget stops working!…

white widgets bug in iOS 15

How To Fix White Widgets On Home Screen In iOS 15

Are you getting white widgets on iPhone Home Screen ever since you’ve updated to iOS 15? You can still read the names and notice the size of the widgets, but the content is blank and they become unresponsive? This glitch affects all Home Screen widgets and they can also display black if Night mode is…

iPhone 13 widgets reset issue

iPhone 13 Widgets Reset Issue When Restoring From Backup

Home Screen widgets on iPhone 13 reverted to their default settings, after restoring from a backup? Have all widgets been reset while setting up your new device? This is a widespread bug, that can be prevented if you update your device to the latest software available before restoring!…

Widgets not loading on iPhone

How To Fix Widgets Not Loading On iPhone Home Screen

Are widgets not loading on the iPhone Home Screen? They’ve worked before but now you’re not getting any content? Nothing is displayed excepting the widget name at the bottom of the box? This issue is currently affecting some iOS 15 beta testers, but might also flare up if you’re running a public iOS 14 release….

How to Delete Home Screen Pages

How To Delete Home Screen Pages On iPhone In iOS 15

In iOS 15 you can delete Home Screen pages on iPhone from the hide/unhide screen! iOS 14 has introduced the App Library to declutter the iPhone home pages and make room for widgets! Along came the option to hide Home Screen pages that you rarely use. However, if you want to delete a home page…