How To Disable App Store In-App Rating Popups In iOS 11

app store app rating popup

App Store app rating popup.

The App Store has been completely redesigned in iOS 11. Apple made it more user-friendly and easier to navigate. Curators are featuring apps and games 24/7. Stories about your favorite software is shared by its designers. One important thing that has also changed is the way developers remind you to rate their apps. If you’re fed up by those annoying prompts that invade your iPhone’s or iPad’s screen asking you to evaluate the current application that’s running on your device, you’ll be happy to find out that you can now disable them!

In iOS 11, Apple requires developers to use their API for review and rating popups. This allows the Cupertino-based tech company to strictly control how many times and how often an app can beg for your vote. However, if you still consider these prompts intrusive, you can opt out completely from receiving them. Read on and learn how to do it!

Disable iOS App Rating Popups
how to disable app store app ratings requests 1. Open the Settings app from your iPhone’s or iPad’s Home Screen.
2. Scroll for the iTunes & App Store menu.
3. Deactivate the In-App Ratings & Reviews option by tapping the knob, available next to its label.

Fact: Before disabling the App Store app ratings feature be aware that your feedback is used by developers to improve their software and by other users to asses the app’s quality.

Tip: If the iOS 11 In-App Ratings & Reviews option is disabled on your iPhone or iPad you can still review apps directly in the App Store, on the app’s official presentation page.