Trick To Hide The Bottom App Drawer In Messages iOS 11

ios 11 messages app drawer

iOS 11 Messages App Drawer.

iOS 11 brings an impressive amount of changes and new features and can be safely considered as one of the biggest and most important updates to the iPhone and iPad operating system. However, there are some adjustments that might be considered annoying by a significant amount of users. One of this is the App Drawer available in the Messages app. If you already updated to iOS 11, you surly noticed that there is a toolbar display at the bottom of each conversation thread in the stock Messages app. This footer menu contains a list of all the iMessage apps available. It can be swiped horizontally to uncover more icons and options.

However, not all of us are frequently using iMessage apps and the presence of the toolbar eats up considerable screen real estate. Happily, there is a nice little trick that you can apply to remove the clutter. Hiding the app drawer from one conversation will affect all iMessage threads. The fix lasts as long as you restart the Messages app or reboot your iPhone. Here is how to do it!

How To Remove Messages App Drawer In iOS 11
how to hide app drawer in ios 11 messages 1. Open Messages and browse to a chat window.
2. Tap & hold the App Store icon available next to the Camera icon, in the left area of the text input field.
3. Drag the icon in question towards the bottom of the screen. The App Drawer disappears!

Tip: To bring the App Drawer back simply tap the same App Store icon, available next to Camera and the available iMessage apps will unfold from the bottom of the screen!

Fact: The App Drawer is available only in iMessage threads. Regular text message chats can’t support this feature.