How To Enable iOS 12 Automatic Software Updates

ios 12 automatic updates feature

iOS 12 Automatic Updates feature.

Starting with iOS 12 the Software Update menu has a new option called “Automatic Updates”. When this feature is enabled your iPhone or iPad will automatically download and install a new iOS release. This means that you don’t have to constantly check the “Software Update” section to see if a new version has been seeded, nor you have to wait the delayed prompts that inform you about an available update.

The Automatic Updates option is disabled by default which means that you have to turn it on manually if you want to allow your iPhone to update iOS by itself. This is done from the Settings app. Open it and tap on General -> Software Update. There you’ll find the Automatic Updates label. Tap the knob and switch it ON. Repeat the procedure to disable it in case you reconsider and want to return to the manual iPhone software update procedure?

Should You Enable iOS 12 Automatic Updates?
Although we are strong believers and encourage you every time to keep your iPhone and iPad up to date, especially due to security reasons, setting up your device to update iOS automatically, might not be the best idea! Over the years there have been several updates that slipped serious bugs or flaws and very early adopters have been hit heavy. This is why we recommend you to daily check, as we instantly test any new iOS release and inform your if it’s recommended to update or not.

Fact: We also have to see the Automatic Updates feature in action first, because Apple’s developers might trigger the update signal with a certain delay after the actual release, in order to be able to check out user feedback and avoid from spreading out potential, uncovered bugs. Stay tuned for more info about this new iOS 12 feature.

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