iOS 12 Group Notifications Tips And Tricks

ios 12 grouped notifications

iOS 12 Grouped Notifications.

One of the most expected changes coming with iOS 12 is the Group Notifications feature. It allows your iPhone to better organize missed alerts on the Lock Screen. Notifications are now arranged according to their app origins, which allows you to easier notice what you missed, while being away from your iOS device. The appurtenance isn’t the only grouping criteria. Notifications are also bundles depending on their topic!

Nevertheless, this isn’t the only change, regarding Notifications in iOS 12. You can easily de-clutter your Lock Screen by dismissing alerts in bulk, by clearing the whole group, instead on individually sliding each label. You can also easy allow or disallow apps to display alerts on the Lock Screen. The less important ones can be silenced and set to appear only in the Notification Center, while the very important ones can be tweaked to alert you even when the Do Not Disturb mode is enabled.

3 iOS 12 Notifications Tips
1. Instant Tuning Feature
Press a notification to unveil a new options menu that allows you to set the Deliver Quietly or the Turn Off… mode.
ios 12 notifications instant tuning

  • Deliver Quietly: silences the notifications coming from the app in question. The alerts will appear only in the Notification Center, as well as display a badge above app icon, on the Home Screen. However, the notification won’t appear on the Lock Screen or unveil banners when iPhone is unlocked. No sound will be played either.
  • Turn Off…: Does what it means. It disables notifications from the app in question.
  • Settings: For a more personalized setup tap on Settings to get the full list of notification controls available and tweak them as it suits you better.

siri suggestion for ios 12 notifications 2. Siri Suggestions
If you haven’t used an app for a while, the proactive Siri is now able to inquire if you wish to continue receiving alerts from the app in question, by prompting you with the following line:
“Keep receiving notifications from the [app name]”. Your options are Keep or Manage, with their obvious results.

3. Critical Alerts
Select apps will be able to bypass the Do Not Disturb mode, if you allow them so. A new opt-in notifications setting labeled as “Critical alerts”, when enabled, allows the application in question to ring and display on hte Lock Screen even if you don’t want to be disturbed. We’re talking here about alerts from healthcare providers and other similar entities.

Conclusion: All in all notifications are much better organized and controllable in iOS 12. Do you share the same opinion with us? Share your comment below.

Tip: Are you aware about the iOS 12 Automatic Updates feature?