AirPods Pro Not Fitting Well? Not Staying In Ear? (Fixed!)

how to fit AirPods Pro in ear

How to fit AirPods Pro in ear

Are the AirPod Pro not fitting well in your ears? Are they dropping out, or they don’t feel comfortable to wear? This is quite a common problem because human ears are very different in shape and size!

AirPods Pro Not Fitting Well

AirPods Pro not fitting properly
We’ve received various reports of AirPods Pro not staying in ear, hurting the user’s ears and so on. This, although Apple has designed its premium Bluetooth earbuds with interchangeable ear tips.

These are shipped together with the Pro model and come in three sizes to ensure that the AirPods Pro fit to a wide range of human ears. However, because everyone is so different, there are still plenty of cases when these earbuds simply don’t fit or are not comfortable to wear!

AirPods Pro Not Fitting In One Ear

In rare cases the earbuds fit the left or the right ear but won’t fit the other one. We’re not perfect and sometimes neither are our ears. Some of us have this small unnoticeable impairment of the ear canals.

In this case you can try to use different size ear tips for the two AirPods.

How To Fix AirPods Pro Not Fitting In Ears

fix AirPods Pro not fitting well
If Apple’s silicone tips are still not enough to make the AirPod Pro fit properly in your ears, you can try to fix this with a third-party accessory.

I can recommend the SednaEarfit for the AirPods Pro!

These third-party eartips come in seven sizes, which allow them to match a wider array of ear types. Similar to shoe sizes, they came with half-size increments which allow the AirPods to perfectly fit the various shapes of ear canals.

AirPods Pro third-party eartips with better fit

They’re sold by AZLA Store and you can grab them from Amazon. You can either grab a 2-pack of the chosen size (SSS, S, MS, M, ML, L) or a 3-pack including three sizes (SS, S, MS / M, ML, L)

Tip: For you reference check out the table to see how the 7 sizes reference to Apple’s original ear-tip sizes. Obviously you should one of the sizes that is not available in the original AirPods packaging.

Have you managed to fix AirPods Pro not fitting properly? Did the SednaEarfits help out? Do you have a better solution? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

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