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how to fit AirPods Pro in ear

AirPods Pro Not Fitting Well? Not Staying In Ear? (Fixed!)

Are the AirPod Pro not fitting well in your ears? Are they dropping out, or they don’t feel comfortable to wear? This is quite a common problem because human ears are very different in shape and size!…

AirPods 3 fit

AirPods 3 Fit Your Ear? Are They Comfortable? (Yes / No)

Do the AirPods 3 fit your ear? Are they comfortable and secure or you can feel pain after wearing them for a certain amount of time? How is the listening experience when compared to the previous generations? Is the new shape better or worse?…

AirPods Pro slicone ear tips in S,M and L sizes

How To Perform Ear Tip Fit Test For AirPods Pro Optimal Fit

If you’re the proud owner of the new AirPods Pro you must have already noticed that they ship with three sizes of silicone ear tips. This ensures that you can get the best fit for your ear type. Wearing the AirPods properly guarantees that you get the best sound quality, deeper bass, rich lows and…