How To Make A Telegram Video Call On iPhone & iPad (End-to-End Encrypted)

Telegram video call end-to-end encryption feature

Telegram video call end-to-end encryption feature.

Telegram video calls are now available for both iOS and Android devices!
This comes to mark Telegram’s seven year anniversary. The privacy-focused messaging platform offers the end-to-end encrypted video calling feature to its over 400 million worldwide users.

All that you have to do is update to the latest Telegram update for iOS and Android. Calls can be started from a contact’s profile page, as described in the step-by step tutorial available below.
Four emoji are shown in the top-right corner of the screen.
If they match exactly for both participants it means that the call is 100% secured by time-tested encryption. That’s the same privacy feature used for the secret chats feature.

How To Make A Telegram Video Call

how to make Telegram video call 1. Open Telegram on your iPhone or iPad.
2. Select an available chat or tap on the Contacts icon, available in the bottom-left corner.
3. Open the contact’s profile page, by tapping on the contact’s icon in top-right corner of the screen.
4. Tap the Video icon to start a video call.
Fact: If this is the first time when you use the feature you’re asked to provide camera and microphone access.

Telegram Video Call Features

Telegram video call picture-in-picture feature Besides being marketed as the fastest, most powerful and most secure video calls available, they also provide the following features:
– Call Action Alerts: text notifications are displayed at the bottom of the screen when a participant is disabling / enabling its microphone or camera during the call.
– Quick Switch To Video Call: If you start with a voice call, you can quickly transform it in a Telegram video call by tapping the video icon from the ongoing call interface. You can proceed the same the other way around.
– Picture-in-Picture: You can answer to other messages and engage in other discussion while continuing your video call. Swipe-up from the call interface to start multitasking.

FAQ: Are Telegram group video calls available? No, video calls with more than 2 participants aren’t supported at the time of writing. They’re announced though for the upcoming months. Stick with us as we’ll surly update you when this happens.

Do you plan to use the new Telegram video call feature? Let us know in the comments section available below.

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