How To Make Skype Video Calls With Custom Virtual Backgrounds

Skype call with custom background from space

Skype call with custom background from space.

Video calling is very popular nowadays especially because of the world wide lock downs imposed by many countries, in order to stop the novel Coronavirus outbreak. Many companies have asked their employees to work from home and thus video conference calls are more popular than ever. Cross-platform apps that provide this feature like Zoom and Skype have registered record number of users.

Skype has recently updated its app for Mac, Windows, Linux and Web with support for the use of custom backgrounds. This feature has shown great popularity on the competing platform (Zoom) and Skype intends to rise to the expectations with their version no. Often, users don’t have enough time to clean-up the rooms or don’t own fancy homes, that rise with the expectations of an important business call. That’s why they can opt to blur the background or customize with a spectacular stage set.

How To Add A Custom Background To A Skype Call
Before we proceed make sure that your device runs the latest Skype version available.
1. Open Skype and start a call.
2. After you get connected click on More (the three dots) or bring your mouse to hover the video button.
3. Click the Choose background effect option.
4. Add a new image to create the desired background effect. You can grab a fancy photo of a luxury apartment from Google Images, or use one that you’ve previously added.
Fact: To keep things simple you can simply blur your background!

How To Use Custom Background On All Skype Calls
1. Open Skype and open your profile picture.
2. Click the Settings icon (a cog icon).
3. Next, click the Audio & Video button (microphone icon).
4. Add a new image and customize the background effect or use one of the photos that you’ve previously added.

Extra: Besides the custom background feature, has also introduced the option to easily share files from your Mac to your Skype contacts. You also benefit from quicker access to call controls which are directly available on the chat window. More details about this update are available here.

Are you using Skype for video calls? Do you fancy this new background customization feature? Let us know in the comments section available below? Where do you pretend to call from? Beach-sde, mountain-top or even outer space?

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